B: I was happy in this life, had no desires of my own.  Once trikuti got busted there was nothing left of me and my desires.  I had no desire for another woman, not SM ji or another child, these are all under HIS total inner command, not born of man’s desires




B: When you are separate from the family, like now when you have come here for a week on holiday,  you will notice family attachment is strong.  How?   Because you call the kids and wife, or they call you all the time.  Its all selfish attachment.  Just say to them "call me if something goes wrong, otherwise just do meditation on SatNaam."


In this three things happen :


1) first no selfish attachment – just appreciate,


2) confidence and reliance in God,


3) not wasting time and money and energy in little distractions and worries of whats going on at home.


In reality LOVE and BELIEF only has to be said once. Saying it every day it loses its meaning
Some people always say "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU" but they are fooling around behind each others back. Its so overused it has no meaning left in it. 


That why God in His spiritual original primal NIRGUN form has no name.


He only made Naam,  Sat Naam, for the scale of Truth and trikuti – so we can get out of this Maya.   He made a material Name for this physical world we are in.  But He is actually Nameless in the spiritual realm – nirgun saroop – original and primal.  Because now even the name “Sat Naam” has been corrupted.  In Punjab you see ‘Satnaam Butchers’,  ‘Satnaam Stores’.
This was a sacred name with very sacred meaning , but in Maya  it goes to smithereens.  That’s why the best God and best love story and the best painting is the one that has not been written spoken or painted yet!


That’s why the lover of God becomes mute at the end because they say that by speaking, what they are experiencing becomes bitter.  Silence is the greatest prayer.  Silence is the greatest well being.  Silence is endless.  The moment you speak you are losing your Amrit.  If you say “I LOVE YOU” to someone and they say it back, then if it was true love and both of them really meant it they will never have to say it ever again.


The more you keep saying those words “I love you”, the more sour it becomes.  They mean it less and less.  The greatest husband and wife team would be the one that lived in silence.  They would have the  greatest understanding and love.  The truest love has not yet been delivered on the Earth.