Pritam Anand: In Baba Ji’s congregation everyone was and still is  welcome with no restrictions.  They can sit on the  floor, chair, sofa, keep head covered or not – all OK.  Anything congregation donated Baba ji wore those colourful turbans or passed on the suits and gifts to the needy.  Baba Ji never kept any secrets from congregation told them his past of drinking and gambling and how he got out of falsehood and how we can do it too. 


Any movies made in congregation were given to relgious places to share knowledge, to show them look what Guru Nanak left us but look at the hypocrisy that is going on.  Baba Ji was only telling people what God told him to.  Baba Ji did not gain anything from this venture for himself – lost house, lost congregation – but he was given inner command to deliver Truth, not to make money by being  congregation.


Baba Ji doesnt desire to make a new religion or money, just wants shelter of God ( ParBrahm  Sarnaaee) and people to remember Truth – Satnaam God, don’t get attached to Baba Ji either
Says "Do Truth" and conquor your mind"