Pritam Anand: First congregation was just Babaji’s grace and words (no kirtan or chanting).  I did not think I could do kirtan – no one knew vaja or tabla.  But in the congregation everyone was welcome to sing and play anything (pots and pans and spoons) with JOY whatever their heart desired.  Next, we started combined singing, the first person sung IK OANKAR  then next one joined in and so on, then SATNAAAAM.  That singing without instruments was our kirtan. 


B:  You don’t need instruments, every sound goes through your seven chakras,  7 notes in sargam relate to selfless servicen chakras.  eg AAH  , EEE   each resonates on one chakra with one asan/position.  Every sound is anhad naad for me  – I have united sargun nirgun (meaning experiences God full on in all sounds).  All sounds are ANHAAD NAAD for me. 
I have experienced 1000 tongues attached to this body.  I am an orchestra to myself and SHIVA dances.   Life is a dance, inner command, light and God is stable,  only mind and body is not stable its on the outside so it dances.  Do whatever you like in loving devotional worship don’t need to ask if its right or not- go with the flow – dance.  Go into asan. Smile.  Sing.  Enjoy.


AAAAH – every sound, every word effects you.  Every word spoken tells the state of the person speaking it.  If your seven sarovars (chakras) are open then for you every word is God speaking, you can do asaan (mediation position) anywhere. 




Whatever you speak is God’s tongue speaking.  God is doing it, not me.


“Har rasna meh aap nirankara”…God is on every tongue.


The effect of sound on us can be joy and compassion.   Everything is connected.  In the company of a saint all become saints.  In the company of blissful ones, all will become blissful (sat chit anad).  In the company of smoker everyone starts smoking.  One atttaches to the other.  Each sound connects with another sound makes rhythms (eg tabla drums), makes chants. Eg “Ik oankar satnaam, ik oankar satnaam.”


The words we speak effect the universe, and what we speak is what you attract from the universe.  So speak wisely.  Let it be full of compassion, love and truth and you will become that what you think and thus are your actions.  Thinking truth will attract truth, and the truth of society will follow you.


If you think untruth, you will do untruths and attract untruthful aspects and people of society.  Like attracts like – that’s the scripture (divine wisdom) in science.  Worldy and godly (manmukh and gurmukh) people   don’t attract each other. 


Truth is the common denominator in every person.  Even science is searching for Truth
and Truth (SAT NAAM) is God’s primal original name that He gave to himself.  All other names are given by his lover of Gods (lovers).  God said "I am SAT (Truth)" and Truth is the scale (upon which our good actions are weighed up against our bad actions).  The scale is in your mind – the trikuti – the “tre mun” – the three realms (thin lok) – the three parts of the mind I.e
the three states of the mind are : awake, dream and smadhi (deep meditation).


You must become Truth in all three of those states.  Must win in all of them, become “ek man ek chit” – One Mind One Focus. 


The lover of Truth, the giver, believer and sharer of Truth and everything around you must become Truth.  You must strive to become the same as the One God whose name is TRUTH ("ik oankar satnaam").  And say to God, "I am YOUR servant of Truth" (SAT RAM DAS).