B: The 2 yr old child was enjoying (the intoxication of the congregation).  She was twirling like a Sufi dervish.  The adults were doing ASANS.  God was here, everyone was enjoying.   The joy from one heart to the other.  No one was crying.  Through the song of God’s Name, “SATNAAM SATNAAM” we all became children.  When we become children and say “SAT SAT SAT” then the Mother comes.  And the Mother is ParBrahm who is All -Pervading – Sarab Viaapak.


SM ji has seen all the (Sikh) Gurus and the Dargah (God’s Court) at anytime, she is so innocent.  But she used to be so scared of everything.  However, coming into congregation all her fears went. 


An 8 year boy in congregation used to close his eyes and start saying ‘Baba ji is Nanak.  Baba ji is Naam.  Baba ji is God Himself.’