MATA JI:   God created all the beauty and jewels in the ocean.  Why?   For us to use!
God doesn’t want you to hide beauty, but in Sikhism we try to hide our beauty. 


B: What does the scripture says?  Be truthful and don’t hide anything.


MATA JI: We girls hide our beauty, some try to be masculine with turbans and no make up, like muslims hiding their beauty.  They don’t realise how beautiful they are.  If you want to pierce your ears then just do it.


B: God is working hard to make the world beautiful and Man beautiful but they (religious ones) don’t want to!  A beauty of a woman is not hers (so don’t get proud of it, or try to hide it), it is the filth of mind’s desires that is a curse (woman being beautiful to cause lust, or man looking at her lustfully).


“ik rangee bahu rangee apaay aap”
He is One colour, yet He is all colours and He Himself is Everything.


In Gods court He doesn’t look at your physical beauty, nor if you wore 5Ks (religious uniform).   He only looks only at your deeds.  So start today, be Truthful.  Start today – better late than never, and that is sowing Truth.