Great God Guru is always with me  The Naam is the Priceless Diamond.  Collect your real profits in this life.  Do Satnaam meditation so that God resides in every cell.  The one who you worship should enter your mind, body, soul , heart and become visible. Satnaam. That one is His blessed one.   Doing bhagti is to bring God down onto Earth.   God is Infinite.  We must open our minds and hearts, our eyes our ears our body every pore every blood cell every breath and then He comes in.  The we become one with Him, then we become the bride and He is forever the husband. We must have union with Prabh Jyot.  With Jyot of the Countless Worlds.  We must serve the purest Guru (God) with His naam, (with serving) naam’s messenger – His servant, and (with serving) kirtan – His song and glory.  Then He glorifies you because he will enter your soul , mind , heart and body.  Now you will become jeevan mukat otherwise there is no jeevan mukat.   Please accept this much service for today.   With His Grace we gathered as congregation.  With His Kirpa we get His Shelter – Satnaam we sing His Name His praises.  With His Kirpa we become brides, in his His kirpa the world plays. With Your Grace we are going to win the world, win the mind.  The one who has won the mind – victory is theirs.  Only that one becomes the form of God.  We are too become the form of God – not to leave here and start worshipping idols.  We are not to go and start worshipping holy scriptures, but to worship the Name of God that is written in the holy scriptures.  Only the one who has tasted the Truth will become the embodiment of Truth.  If you have not tasted it your life is all in vain.  This diamond life is selling at the price of glass in Maya .  We must become the diamond, must become Truthful in every relationship, in every interaction with every living human being.  It is all One Being.  We must go beyond religion.  Must go beyond caste, colour and creed.  Must go beyond all barriers that separate us in love from manto the other.  He who breaks that is himself God-conscious servant of God.    Please accept this much selfless service, feed everyone, the one who wants to wash dishes wash them, the ones who want to wipe the shoes wipe them.  Love one another, help one another.   Satnaam. Satnaam.  Satnaam.