Now you become a living religious place.  And after irrigating every cell with satnaam, it will expand.  Without desires it will expand faster. Being compassionate to others it explands even fdaster.  And not believing in caste colour or any differences, o any grouping, it expands even faster. So when that happens you are a living religious place yourself.   Just watch five theives.  And dont do anything wrong.  Stay in that discipline, the Truth will just keep on multiplying.   Understand?   For me that is all there is.  I am smiling when I am sleeping, smiling when I get up.  Smiling now.  Smiling when I am hungry, even I am full I am still smiling. 


MATA JI:  On waking up, our son does dandauth (prostration greeting) to Infinity (God Satnaam), in the open (not to a picture or idol or holy book or to the West etc) and that’s it.  Then he has his breakfast, and goes about his daily things.  Truth is what Truth does.  That is a living religious place.