H: We went to an open day at a Hospice.  Terminally ill children come there for a few days when their parents need a break.  We were thinking of helping them.  They have heated swimming pools, music rooms, games room etc.


B: Get involved with others not just your own.  Go beyond realms of Sikhism.  Charity within Sikhism (your own faith) has still ego in it.


H: We suggested to the lady if we could do meditation classes first, but they were a bit cautious and said first we’d have to do a trial session with the staff. 


B: If it is written in destiny then it will happen.  If you think, “I would like to teach them”,  “I want to do it.”  Then no one will come, because it is still ME trying to do it.  Learn that "ME" is still ego.  Just say "Datha (Lord the Giver), what do you want me to TEACH them?"  That will work.  “ME” is illusion.  How can illusion work?  If illusion can work, then magicians could really produce diamonds.  So why do they need to travel and charge for shows?