There is no compassion in the Sikh religion today – the egotistical khalsa (as opposed to the original  humble khalsa) have eaten it away.  That is exactly what has happened.  The egotistical khalsa today were yesterdays Hindu outcastes who left due to fanatic Hindus.   Original Hinduism and even Sikhism are destroyed.  The only compassionate system now is democracy.  Live and Let Live.   In democracy they allow you to live your heart.  And that is how God wants us to live  – everything by the heart.   When you live from the heart then out pours music, song and divine wisdom.    Song, music and divine wisdom is the language of love.  That’s what it was supposed to be, that’s how saints expressed their loe for God.  But now its gone the other way around.  Religions use song and music to supress people’s hearts and to control them with relgious rules and regulations.


Everyone loves to hear a story, everyone loves a song.  The saints put a story of God in song form.   That’s whats in Sufism.  Hindus were the first people to sing and tell a story.   Without Hinduism there is no Sufism.  Sufism is the soft side of Islam.  From Sufism it became what Sikh’s call the scripture (God’s language of love).  Scripture sung to classical Indian music evolved from past forms – it didn’t magically appear as a new form direct from God to the Sikh Gurus. Some Sikhs get ego that their Guru’s the scripture is greater than what Hindus and Sufis are doing.   


Scripture is just a story to music.  Nanak was born in a Hindu house, he knew their ways.  But, he had also been going to meet non-Hindu holy people like the Sufis and saw their music and story telling.  That’s what he did.   So singing God’s praises to music is nothing new – don’t get proud that your religious songs are superior to others, or unique – they are not.    Whoever experiences God, sees God in everything.  Then he (not God) puts together the next religion.  There is no command of God to start a religion.  The saint experiences God, writes about it,  copies are made and it gets distributed.  Followers keep on singing it, start ritual readings and put rules around it.  That’s how the saint’s original spiritual experience of God becomes a religion.   That’s how Yogi Bhajan has made it.  He just became like all the others  – he created yet another grouping.   Then one group starts against the other.  One group against the other – that’s the law of nature.  The downfall law.  The transcendental law is love.   “Me and mine”, "I want this Earth" is the negative law.    The Sikh slogan “Raj Karega Khalsa” meaning  "The Khalsa Will Rule" – most Sikhs take as Sikhism will rule the world.   But the Khalsa in the scripture means the Knowers Of God (the enlightened soul), not the religion.   And his rule is love.  Religion is always a sickness – groupings are always a sickness.  Always have been, always will be.  Christianity, Islam and Budhism and so on are all grouping and have sub-groupings.  Although Budhism is the most compassionate out of all of them as they believe in non-violence.