H: My Sikh cousin A had a rough time growing up.  Her parents were fighting and got divorced.  Her father tried to get the second husband killed by a hit-man, but got caught & imprisoned for 5 years.  She ended up living with her aunt in USA.
B: It was dues she had to pay.  The greatest thing she could do is to forgive.


H: She kept praying to God at the religious place and finally met a Christian Pastor who taught her to forgive.  She started believing in Jesus with full faith, but her Sikh relatives perseucted her for that.


B:  She should tell those Sikhs, “When everything is happening under inner command, then why are we fighting?  I believe in Hukam but you don’t.  You are burning your mind, and when it is fully burnt you are abusive to me, but what are you sowing?  I’m happy where I am because that is what He wants me to do.  And who are you to tell me if I am Christain or not?  When Brahmins became Sikhs and Muslims became Sikhs that made you happy.  If  it goes the other way it should make you even more happier cause its all the Will of God.”


H: The final straw came when her rough cousin shouted and threatened her.


B:  I guided someone (punjabi Sikh girl in theUSA) who is now married to a Christian pastor.  I told her "this is best thing for you, don’t look back.  Don’t listen to what your relatives say.  Its their ego and confused thinking." 


They (Sikhs) don’t know how it works.  They are looking for God , but on their own terms.  And what happens naturally, they don’t think is an act of God, they think its an act of people.  But actually people is God.  They are stuck in this illusion.  They forget ‘sagar machalee panee jal machiaar’ (God is the  fish, the ocean and the fisherman).  They forget all is God.
That’s why I said the following saying is incomplete ‘All in one, One in all’  – its incomplete. It should be "All in one, one in all, all in all."  All-in-all becomes the womb.  All in one , one in all, all in all is GOD.


Everything is God, every last cell is God, there is no place left where God is not.


H: The final thing that happened to my cousin was her aggressive cousin left her crying and took her Jesus picture from the wall.  She was crying to God and another picture of Jesus just appeared.  She took the second picture downstairs and the family realised a miracle had happened- and never said anything again to her.


B: That phenomena is God. 


H: Bhai Gurdas Ji tells the story of the queen  who used to go to congregation in secret while the King slept.  But the King knew and wanted her to confess it,  so he stole her shoe from the congregation one night.  Thought when she comes home I’ll ask her where her shoe is and she’ll confess her secret congregation.  But after congregation they all prayed and another shoe appeared.  King realised the miracle and that doing sat-congregation was true – and never hassled the queen again.


B: That phenemona is God.  When you are truthful in your prayers and everything else, these phenemona will happen any time you want it.  Anytime you are in trouble it will happen. HE will save you.  The one you are born from knows all, only HE can save you nothing else – not even the religion.