Raag is God, Raagni is the nighingale.  When the nightingale sang for the first time, that’s when God laughed the first time.  That laughter created SAT CHIT ANAND (STATE OF ETERNAL INNER BLISS). 


God is mute, deaf, dumb, yet he knows everything, the wisest of the wise but He is very simple, He needed a raagni to make him laugh.  That’s why going back to God the last gift you have is laughing at life.  When the nightingale sang, He fell in love.  He was in love with His creation.  He used to play with her and feed her with His hand.  She used to sing.  He was the gardener, she the perfect nightingale.  That’s where loving devotional worship started.


The singing of the nightingale started the scale of music – SA RE GA MA PA DA NEE.  From there started kirtan.  The painting started as well.  The artist painted the nightingale and took it to God in His court.  He blew wind on it and the creation started, the nighingale flew.


When she sung and now when the birds sing, it creates the divine music (anhaad naad).  The anhaad naad (the kirtan in nature) caused the fruit to ripen.  If the 8.4 million species didn’t speak then nature wouldn’t ripen and there would be no sugar, all would be sour.  Birds singing is a balance of nature. 


This is how the Creation came about.  I was there at that stage of Creation and know exacty how it came about. 


When the whole creation starts folding and goes back into Sunn Smadh (Primal Trance) then the Master will be there and I will be the last bride (he was the first Painter). 


This is absolute infinity – romance between the Gardener, Nightingale and the Artist.  That is where loving devotional worship started, songs and chanting started, vocal chords started, female and male.  It all started there and will all end there "SAT SAT SAT".


From Mansarovar errupted 72,000 rays of light and 8.4 million life forms and the entire Creation.  We are all here to pay debts and collect dues.  Nothing else. Every relation –husband, wife, Boss, employee, is all paying dues and debts – nothing else.  The game of deeds on the Temple Of Earth.


Same as Bhai Lehna (dues) came to pay back what he owed Guru Nanak, and Guru Nanak gave him Naam.  God never comes and goes here (Earth).  He is in everything – the sandwich that everything is in!  If you haven’t told a story of love from manmat (worldy wisdom) to cosmic consciousness it means you are not a SANT, BHAGAT.


No two lover of Gods are alike.  You have to tell your OWN story between you and the Divine and living HIS will and paying your debt to the NAAM. 


Keep on doing selfless service Satnaam meditation and everything will unlock inside you.  This bhagti is all a LOVE story.