I gave this discourse to the congregation when the inner command of God to be with SM came.  At that time I was in extreme vairag (detached from the world, attached to God) – TOTALLY in love with God.  I was the painter, God the Gardener and SM the nightingale.  God and the Painter both fell in love with the nightingale.


The Maker saw His painter had fallen in love with the nightingale.  And the Maker sacrificed his own love, to let the Painter be with the nightingale.  That is God’s love.  So the painter couldn’t live without the nightingale and asked God to show the real form of the bird.  The bird become a woman, the painter became the lover and God become transparent.  And that is where deeds between man and woman began.  Everyone is chasing something in life, the pains of separation of love. 


We (Baba Ji and SM) came to this plane (Earth realm) to pay our debts and get back through goods deeds and trikuti.  Now the gardener (Baba Ji) is taking the black nightingale (SM) back to God, but she will be pure white on return.


The debts are balanced between Pritam Anand and me and SM. 


I used to paint nightingales since birth (even before I became God conscious).  One in the cage and one out. 


When I went beyond trikuti – when it got busted, then my discourse totally changed.  Then God Himself was speaking through me.  Everyone thought I had gone crazy.  (That happened 4 years ago when inner command of God to be with SM Ji came).  I was Pure ParBrahm speaking – no fear, no one could stand against it.