Recognise suffering and pleasure as one.  Don’t get too depressed when suffering, or too excited when experiencing pleasure.   Come too see them as one and the same, two sides of the coin.  Go beyond them and that is experiencing Truth.  The source of pain and pleasure, focus on that One, say Sat Naam in the midst of your suffering and in the midst of your enjoyment.  In that way detach from the logic of the mind, attach to the One Sat naam.



Pray for the upliftment of one and all.  See the human family and your own family as one and the same. When praying for your child, pray for all children as well.  When asking God to take care of your parents, pray for all the elderly.  Take the love for your nearest and dearest and expand it farthest and widest to encompass all strangers and enemies too.  See Sat Naam in every heart,  no one is a stranger or an enemy, the whole world is your friend.  In that way you realise the True Friend within your own heart.



Milk God.  God is the real Khamden Cow (mythical wish fulfilling cow people pray to to fulfill their worldy wants).  Sat Naam is the name of this Amrit milk that the devotees of God drink. God doesn’t come or go – beyond death : A-mrit.  God’s name, Sat Naam, is the Amrit milk.  And God gives it free to the devotees.   The Bhagats give it to the crying babies of ego.  It is free for all. 



When anger comes it arises from the illusion created by your own ego.  Eg The “I” gets offended and anger results.  Slash your own ego by doing the opposite of selfishness. When ego comes do the opposite and perform an even bigger selfless deed for the benefit of others.  Ego is like a reflection in the mirror of the mind.  It wants to be bigger than the source – God. Ego wants to be the master of your mind.  It wants to dominate God within you. Ego wants to reign Supreme.   But  you cannot become God like that.  You can only become God-like by total self-surrender and becoming nameless.  Then God serves you – His beloved devotee – His Bhagat.



One who is run by ego and pride controls others by making them feel guilty.  But love will set you free.  God dares you to love.  To love takes great courage.  Especially when the ones ruled by ego and pride try to stop it.  They try to stop it, but deep down they want it.   Love demands sacrifice, because everyone tries to stop you if it is against their belief systems.  But love will win if you have courage.  DARE TO LOVE.  You have to PROCLAIM YOUR LOVE and not hide it.  Don’t hide the love you are feeling.  Tell those ones who are trying to stop it, and you will win.


Most religions and tribal systems do not want their followers to fall in love.  They want to control their marriages.  But without love the person withers and dies.  Full of doubts and depression they die.



Keep on writing.  With words we can win the world and change people’s wrong thinking.  Keep fighting worng belief systems and man-made religions. 



Keep on going, then the illusions break.  Never give up doing your amritvela (early hours meditation).  Don’t look back to what you were in the past.  Keep on moving forward and break out of your lower consciousness bad habits.


Keep doing Sat Naam.  That is all there is.


Baba Ji , Sep 07.