B: If you lend money to someone and they say they will return it then they BETTER else they will be stuck in transmigration.  That’s why you should think before you do prayers.  That’s  why in loving devotional worship then don’t expect anything in return.  If you ask for anything in return then you will keep your ego alive.   Kill ego by obeying God , ACCEPT EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS as WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE.  This is indepth wisdom.
People are proud of doing X amount of prayers and expecting rewards.  God is saying, "You poor soul, instead of giving my things back you are asking for more." So He sends you more pain.  And in the end you lose life to Maya.  Chasing Maya you waste your life.   You are already in debt to God, you ROBBED HIS CREATION and are asking for more!!  First fix that.  Instead of generating Naam profit by meditating on God’s Name, you have made the Guru your puppet to achieve your Maya dreams.  You should become a puppet to the Naam. 


H:  I started chasing someone for money they owed me, but he drove me mad by promising to pay but never doing so.  And now I have let go of it.


B:  It is better to give and when you receive be very, very humble.  If you are not purity inside, then your inside deceit will come back.  You can wipe out three years of loving devotional worship in one second of deceit   Pretending to be humble on the outside , but expecting something in return on the inside.  Now your ego gets super-ego and it will be ten times harder for you to wipe out the ego. 


If you give charity to a friend don’t expect it back.  Just say to God,  "O True Lord , at that time I said I didn’t need it, let him keep it, let me not even have one thought of getting that money back.  Give me strength – I don’t want it.”


Helping someone is helping you.  If you were a Guru you would have seen the light of God in them and not expected the money back AT all.  So if you say to the borrower, "I’ve let it go, you stay in peace,"  then it wont bother you.  And he will be reborn again to repay that debt.  That’s the borrowers problem, not yours. 


My grandfather left everything to me instead of his alcoholic son, my Uncle.  But I gave this inheritance to Uncle and told him "Have it, its yours".  At Uncle’s death I still prayed for his soul and even God said to me, "He drunk his whole life away.  He did no loving devotional worship and you gave him everything.  After that he still did nothing for you,  but you still want to send him to the Light?"


Baba Ji said "Yes."


That is love.  God is love.  All is God.  


God in the lover of God is giving everything especially to the slanderers.  But some slanderers are punished by sinking into a permanent state of ungratefulness after they slander their Guru.  To save a demon (evil intentioned ghostly soul that possesses the living) is easy, and that demon is thankful forever and forever.  But a stupid man apreciates nothing, sits in ego and deceit and does meditation as a fraud as they then go and slander their Guru.


God gives you gifts, people respect your devotion, then your mind starts thinking "I should make a spiritual centre etc etc.  I should guide people."  Never think like "what I will do."  Always say to God “Dear Lord how do you want your servant to dance? Get me to dance like that. Make your servant do your complete devotion Lord, nothing else.  Only the love of devotional worship – not fathers, mothers, sons or daughters love to get in the way.  Only loving devotional worship.  Lord make me a perfect master of loving devotional worship and nothing else.  That’s all Lord."