H: Baba Ji my Uncle is very depressed after losing four fingers in machine accident at work. 


B:  I did benti for him (requested God to help).   He will get better it will take time.  If congregation was still going on it would be great to see him 3 or 4 times a week.  Then it helps.
For him to return from that position will take years to return.  A depressed person with a shattered mind needs 15 -20 years by his own strength if he has it, and lots of guidance.
Cant be done by medicine alone – that is secondary.


However many days he has to walk through the valley of death has to be gone through.  He has earned it from the past and last life and has to pay the price.  You can’t run from the attrocities you have done to others – ever – you cant – because all is God , and you’ve done it against Him.


How can you run?  You can’t run anywhere, there is no place to hide.  All is God.  You are sitting in Him.  All of a sudden BOOM you are in womb of God.  Doesn’t matter if you take 100 years to go trillion miles away where you think the grass is greener, but from here to there is actually just a blink of an eye (a thought can take you anywhere in a moment and God is her and God is on the other side of the Universe too at the same time, wo where are youn going to hide from your attrocities?)  You cant go anywhere.


He is holding both ends – you dont realise that.  And you are imagining distance away from you – mind habits.  God is beyond measurement.  He is everywhere, “atal” (Unbreakable) and content.  You are running, He’s not.  He already knows where you are.  Cosmic consciousness already knows what are you thinking in your lower mind.  Where are you going to go? Nowhere.


Physically you can’t run (from Him).  All physical running is no good.  If you run from fear, the fear goes with you.  If you confront your fears they go away.  So if he (uncle) is shattered he has to undo what took him to the nervous breakdown.  He has to face all those misdeeds.
He has to accept all his misdoings.  Whoever he troubled he has to gain forgiveness from each of them.  It may take one instant to get over it or 30 years.  The time only is reduced when you have living Guru.  Because the Guru will give you something out of his kamaaee (spiritual bank account).   He can take you from here to there in a moment, an hour, in a week.  But healing the mind is a very long process.  Just like healing the ozone layer.  So never do anything wrong.