naam kumari means intoxication, beant ishnaan.  Do prayers "make me do such a bandiga, such a selfless service that this body becmes a flower."   ‘Keep bringing in the amrit, raise the frequency so high that you merge.   Higher the frequency less  lesser hte wave.  Higher the frequency translucent transparanet.  Catnsee God right.  Keep on praising Him.  Bathing in it.  Thats all you gonna be one day.   Keep God the highest in your life. Between you and your bhagti, no friends, nothing, not even your family.   After you do bhagti do whatever you want.  Whatever action you take anywhere, between you and the loving devotional worship God nothing comes in between.   That in between is going to be a gap where you will lose your entire loving devotional worship in one shot..  Dont keep "in between", see it as nothing, understand?  Keep going.  This is God’s Light , this is yours.   But the thirsty soul becomes the Guru, God is the Gur within  him.   The Guru God gives you, go to him.  God Himself is that Guru. When your bhagti awakens, He Himself wil take you to your Guru.  Thats’ it.  Just keep on doing Truth.  Got it?