Every little thing helps changes another.  The DNA of a grain effects the chicken that eats it, and we eat the chicken and it effects us.  You are what you think all day .  You are also what you eat al day.  You are also what you do all day.  That tells the story of who you are.  See its not just the deed but a whole bunch of other things that nobody is looking at.


I know it and I purposely tell you that.  Then you know the total play of how it goes.  That means do not do any mistakes.  You are only worried about one thing.  You don’t know how it plays in the other thing.  Now our drinking of water and unloading it – it goes out as biochemical.  Somewhere in the pipe it is needed and only that person who urinated at that place had it.  That’s how it goes.  (In the BBC news recently Jan 2005, they said all over the UK that male fish in rivers where developing female organs.  This was due to the rivers having female hormones in it.  Those hormones entered the river over decades from the urine of women who have been taking the contraceptive pill.  God wanted it that way.)


Its very fine details.  Even at the cashier the little conversation you have with him left an impression on him.  He gave you chocolate and left joy with you.  All is one , give and take
in that deeds of word of mouth.  If you had said “thankque” or “bless you” and that could change the other person, or if he had said it.