B: Euthanisia is a personal choice.  It is also part of God’s Will for them to die like that.  If they asking for it then obey God speaking on their tongue.  If a person gives up on God and asks for suicide, then God may let him do it, but he is going on his own (away from God).  If a person in pain is asking to die then people listening should honour it and assist them.
If there is nothing left, all prayers have been tried, then as last resort then they should give euthanaisa.  That person is still not out of life and death though.  Look at the hypocrisy, people think its OK to put dogs down , but humans are sacred.  But even humans are just another animal, we just have a superiority complex!


H: My Aunt had cervical cancer for 2 years.  She was a skeleton by the end and suffered a lot.  Would it have been OK to have given her euthanaisa?


B: If her tongue was asking for it then it was OK to give her the lethal injection.  I  would have then put her soul into Dargah (God’s Court) and sent her to the Light.  Would have saved her soul too!