B: Religions are full of Gurus that were reformed robbers, murderers, butchers or demons.  Everyone can become a Guru.  Because by karma we have all sinned (that’s why we have to be born again to clear the debt).  After being born we have done one sin or the other.  From that one sin we can then look for goodness.  As soon as one sin is there it becomes a marker on one side.  Then as soon as one good deed is done that becomes a marker on the other side.  Between these two markers you have your memory and your knowledge.    You have to get out of this illusion, out of this measurement of yourself and of others.  You have to become of one mind one focus.  To see the One God everyhere , on each side wether seemingly good or bad.  Not to think for example that I was abused and that was worst experience of my life.  Nor on the other side to think that I won the lottery and that was best experience.  Learn to see it all as ONE experience of God.  That’s how you get out of temporary pain and go into permanent “sat chit anand” – TRUTH CONSCIOUSNESS BLISS.
I went through pain too.