What a lot of Sikhs have done now, is take someone else’s (Gurus and lover of Gods) words and experiences (in the Guru scriptures) and think that it is theirs, just because they have had (khanda-batta-da-)amrit (Sikh initiation).  But they have not reached the depth of what they are saying.  It’s not theirs.  Only the one who tastes it knows it ‘thinn chaakiaa tis jaaniyaa’.


Those words (the scripture) belong to the one, who while reading and hearing the word, is experiencing that personally.  He is Gur-chela (the Guru’s disciple).   So the true meaning of the word you are reading, you will only know when you experience it, and live it, and taste it.  And then the gift is joy and laughter.


Now you have understood that the scripture.  If not you still have duality in yourself.   You see the Guru with duality eyes, heart and mind.  And duality is not Nanak, not Satnaam, not AKAL PURAKH.  They are all singularity – “ek man ek chit”.  So duality is the enemy of a Khalsa (enlighted soul).  The one who is on duality is Nikhalas (not Khalsa).


Khalsa is the one who while reading the scripture is experiencing it to the depth of his heart.  And from his heart comes a joy in his eyes to read it.  And he’s tasting all the juices of reading and retaining and maintaining that in his daily actions (i.e. putting into practise what he is reading).


He is the true chela (disciple) of a true Shabad Guru (mind absorbed in the scripture) by faith and belief.  Firm faith and belief.  Lovable addiction to search for truth.  Only that one is coloured by naam rang.


(Baba ji laughs in joy.)


It is not "I" who is laughing it is the truthful word, the truthful spirit PARMATMA sitting in his own creation.  Reading his own thoughts and his own praises and is laughing ‘sach meh rahaa sach samaaai.’  SATNAAM.


He who sees beauty in others is beautiful himself.  He who sees bad in others is bad himself.
“rogee ko rogee bhogee ko bhogee.”


And this beauty is not beautful feature or image.  This beauty is beautful heart – the God part, the Gur-Guru part.  That is not with worrysome face, or fireful words – it is all halamy raaj – kingdom of compassion.  It is all joy and bliss.  It is pure truth.  SATNAAM.