(S in congregation was intoxicated into smadhi at this point, mata ji was putting hand on S’s head )


B:  You can call it hands on healing, sharing, supreme divine working thru one bigger lover of God to the smaller lover of God next to it.  You can call it anything, big bucket pouring into a little bucket, it is VAND SHAKYA (sharing with others what you have).  It called sadh congregation (company of the saint) in which the satguru (Guru of Truth) resides. 


(SAT SAT SAT SAT chanting by vadee mata jee.  Joyous laughing and bliss by Babaji.)










This is bliss on Earth – Absolute Truth.


(S was intoxicated.)


This is pure love from the heart of God through the bigger lover of God to the one who is progressing.


(Baba ji was blissed out.) 


Don’t even need words – just sounds are enough eg the normal person says your name and you sense the feeling from the sounds in the way it was said.   But, when the Guru says your name it full of total joy and there is total compassion.  So no matter what word you speak you are revealing the contents of your heart.  Words are not as important as the sound/feeling that is coming across.


(Baba ji is laughing.)


God is the net and the fish.  God is everything doing everything.  God is making his own movie of himself playing in Baba ji and the congregation (referrring to H makig a video film of this moment).  Any sound you made like a child has God in it, any thing said like manmukh (ungoldly person)  has hell in it.  So be a child all day and become SAT and then all is laughter – the joy of living.


Naam is the Amrit of all Amrits. 


“Knowers Of God atam ras cheena” ..The enlightened soul enjoys soul-bliss.


Keep making sounds with your throat (kunth).  The throat is the greatest music maker given by God to sing his glory with this body.  But instead we curse everyone and everything around us.  So who gets cursed? The one who is cursing gets it back.


In the congregation of Gurus one light lights another – passing the overflow – so that is why we are here my friend -JAG MELA – so enjoy it.


(Everytime Baba ji changed the sounds, the asans (hand and rm postures) of  SM ji changed.)


This is the real heaven (bekunt).  Wherever bekunt is, that it is the living Guru.  You dont need a holy book to be there.


(MATA ji singing ‘har jeeoo nimaaniaan di maan’  .. Dear God you are the honour of the honourless’.   Everyone singing ‘ dhan dhan parbrahm parmesar’  including Baba ji.  Baba ji sees BM ji’s asan (pointing her finger up)).


‘when you interact with Parbrahm Parmesar your finger goes up, indicating there is only ONE God.’


(Baba ji reciting/singing ‘SATNAAM SATNAAM’ laughing with joy)


Say SATNAAM loudly and from the heart.  (everyone starts chanting).


(Baba ji sings with a smile ‘mera preetam  pyaraa’  ..My beloved lover, my beloved lover God.)


H put more love into it, let the mind body and soul enjoy singing of SATNAAM.  This is your Preetam Pyaara’s beloved name.  So  open up your heart and say it, open your body inside and say it, open your mind and say it.


Ek ang sat.  Ek ang sat.  (The One who resides in the body , the TRUTH).


Open your eyes.  The centre of your heart is warm, is glowing, keep on going always keep on going.


Pritam Anand: Baba ji has blessed you and S with a sooraj (spiritual sun – brightness of naam) while we were doing Satnaam meditation.


B:  look inside at your heart, see how much brighter it is.


Ek ang sat. Ek ang sat sada sada sat.


S in your heart centre see (the sooraj) it will burn away all kinds of negativity, see it glow, spread that warmth through your body.


(2yr old child in the sangat spontaneously does dandauth (lying flat) to Baba ji.)


(Baba Ji blesses her) You are dhan dhan dhan (great great great).


(We all do dandauth to Baba ji).


See you have stopped chanting but it is still glowing, keep it going.  I have given you all the wisdom there is, it is your job to retain and maintain it, now you win your mind.


Dhan dhan Parbrahm parmesar sabh teree kirpa … great great great Supreme Transcendental Lord and Master, this is all YOUR blessings.


Get utmost humility, so you can receive maximum amrit.   This is how you defeat your own ego, mind and body.


This physical house is only temporal – a resting place – an inn – it belongs to everyone.  You can create ‘heaven’ (bekunt) anywhere if your heart becomes a heaven.
(Baba ji asks about the sooraj (spiritual sun – brightness of satnaam) in the heart) It is still warm , yes?  It will stay warm keep on doing naam jap.


First it will keep burning all negativity, that is why it feels warm.  Then next stage is when someone negative comes and stand next to you, it will start burning their negativity too and will feel warm .   You have to do what your Guru says i.e. selfless service, Satnaam meditation and earning what the Guru (the scripture) says. 


You must never forget NAAM, no matter what happens in personal life, never never forget NAAM.  You have been blessed with NAAM and sooraj (light inside) in advance, now you must earn this  (like you get 100K mortgage, but have to pay off installments).  The world may get upset with you – doesn’t matter as long sa you ensure Akal Purakh (Immortal Being) doesn’t get upset with you.


Stay in gareebi-ves (clothes of spiritual poverty) and you will get closer and closer to the Satguru (the light of God inside you as your inner guru).  But if you keep doubting and questioning "is Baba ji true or not?" etc then you will go further away.
Everything is measured.  God balances everything.  This bhagti (path of loving devotion) is a ship, every doubt and cleverness makes a hole in the side. 


Pritam Anand:  I requested Baba ji to bless S and H with a ‘sooraj’.   It is my wish that Baba ji blesses everyone and ferries them across and gives keeps me as nothing if that what’s Baba ji wants.  Even the whole world may get upset with me but I don’t care as long as my faith stays with Baba ji and that Baba ji’s feet stay in my heart in the form of naam.  I just ask for 100% complete faith like lover of God Dhanna ji had.  So remember Dhanna ji’s devotion, and also remember his kindness that he ferried his (false) guru across too.


B:  I am a Guru in this Naam who wants his pupils to go further than their Guru.  Great is the teacher who teaches Master of Arts but tells his students to go for PhD.  I want all my pupils to become greater than me.   For example when you were in nusrery school, your nursery teacher didn’t want you to stay in nursery forever!  The real teacher wants you to progress further than they did.


I have given you all the divine wisdomand wisdom, now its upto you how far we you progress it.


Loving devotional worship (bhagti) is not a one day thing.  Keep going one day at a time.  I have not given a sooraj for a long time (About 9 months).  I did give hundreds of soorajs to people but most of them wasted them by not earning it with selfless service and Satnaam meditation of the naam.  Instead those people now say “Baba Ji  was once Knowers Of God but not now.”  And then slandered the one who gave them naam and sooraj.


But actually I still own them, once conquored always conquored.  The saint that gives you naam, owns you until you are ready to be released, or unless a bigger Guru takes over (like you need teachers until you qualify).  But, once you have got the degree (become a Master of Naam) then no one can take it back.