Pritam Anand: last night at work the flow of amrit was incredible.  A colleague asked ‘are you dunk?’  I just laughed and said ‘I am always drunk!’


(S got knocked out with Amrit the night before in srimran for the first time – her first union with God, where He accepted her as his bride – suhagan.  Established her soul in the fourth realm of His Grace.  Now she came downstairs to greet us in the morning.)


B: Are you feeling blessed? Did you sleep well?


S : Yes, very well.


B: You sleep like a new born baby when you have no desires whatsoever.


S : But I felt guilly now for waking up at 6.50 AM (missed amritvela).


B: (Now S is a suhagan, her life is in God’s hands)  Never feel guilty – it is inner command (the way God wanted it).  Sleeping and waking is not in your hands.  Its illusion that you think its in your hands then that gives you a burden.  If HE doesn’t wake you up, its because He knows what every single heart needs ‘ghat ghat kee peer pachaanat’ .


Feel guilty about nothing.  Now you are living under HIS rule .  Just give everything of yourself to HIS control, ‘Sachay Patshah, O True Lord keep me as YOU wish.  Wake me, put me to sleep, feed me as YOU wish.’


When you give everything of yourself then ego is dissolved.  If you are still holding on to things thinking you are doing them then how is ego going to wash out?


loving devotional worship is a thing where you jump into the ocean and say to God ‘Drown me or ferry me across – its upto YOU.’


Both life and death are in HIS hands so once you have given EVERYTHING to GOD worry about nothing.  That sleep you have after the first union takes place , is like a week old baby’s sleep.  That’s how peaceful it is.  Never feel guilty once you have given this mind, body and soul to God.  Only feel guilty if you havent given everything to Him.


He is the Doctor who knows how to keep a child.  He knows when you need rest, work or anything.  When you give everything of yourself then ego is dissolved.  If you are still holding onto things thinking you are doing them then how is ego going to wash? 


When the congregation stopped coming and started slandering, did I worry?  No, because I knew God is taking care of everything for the best.  And look what happened we got a better house and $100K cheaper,  Pritam Anand got a better job only 4Km away,  and even the backgarden had ready to eat vegetables waiting for us!
Wherever we go we get a discount – doesn’t matter what it is!!!


“lover of Goda de karaj aap kalooiaa … God himself take cares of His lover of Gods tasks.”


Pritam Anand:  I said to my employers ‘I can come 30min ealrier – can you train me free of charge and train me for other jobs?’  They said come two hours early and we will give you OverTime and train you!


B: See, what he was prepared to do for free, he will get $40 for!  God gave him that.


(Baba ji comments on video of congregation – mata ji puts her hand on tabla player’s back and tops him up .) 


B: That tabla player had gone down in spirituality as he slandered the congregation, but then he came back for forgiveness.  Now on the video you can see his eyes are in a trance.  Now he’s not playing, it is Akal Purakh doing it now.  He can’t do it, it is Akal Purakh.  That’s the beauty that a normal person can’t understand.


You (ego) will go, the Amrit (God’s prescence) will come and take over the body, then the tabla will play.  Then afterwards you will listen to the tape and say “I never played that tune before!"


Pritam Anand: In the kirtan so much love (rang ) would be be colouring them that they had never imagined anything like that was possible.   Many times Amrit would come flowing down and instant ASANS would happen.  We would bow or start playing tabla under God’s control.  Everyone would be doing kirtan. 


B: Just by watching the video you can see happiness of congregation.  They are wearing their heart on their face.  Unlike other Babas I used to sit next to people on the sofa (not he higher, they lower).  I said to them you are equal and sat equally.  I treated everyone as brother and sister.  Requested everyone to enjoy the congregation as this congregation is just for NAAM, for PARBRAHM SARNAAEE (For coming under God’s shelter) that’s it.


H: Some Gurus do not allow women near, they only allow women to bow to the from distance.


B: How will a Guru become a friend if he doesn’t let you near him?  Scripture says the Guru is brother and friend ‘bhai ar meeth’.   Whoever invited congregation to their house would find whole congregation came.


S : I had tension and a headache after the ‘divine union’ experience.  Why?


B: The Amrit is too much too handle.  You need to let it flow out down the chakras out through feet.


Close your eyes.


Take your attention to the heart centre (centre of of the energy body).


Down to the navel.


Down to the waist.


Spread to thighs.


Go down though the knees.


Down through calves to ankles.


Through middle of souls of feet and let it flow out.


Then the flow will start.  Then you can just breathe in as much Amrit as you want and flow it out (as above) by breath alone.  This is what you have to learn to do.  When there is too much Amrit on left side of brain, then have to flow it to right side and let it out.  Then all the channels open up.  The part of the brain that a normal person doesn’t use will start to open up.  You will hear cracking sounds as the frozen Amrit on dead side of brain opens.  Channels open and you start getting instant gian.   Improvement in memory, concentration, health, and persistant problems are not happening any more.  And it keeps on opening.


It gets to a point where it feels like water inside, like an ocean is flowing inside you, and you go "WOW".  Sometimes like a wind its cool.  Sometimes its hot in the room, but on your head and face it feels someone is blowing a cool breeze -it refreshing and nice.


(On the video see a person in bliss.)


B:  This is total ecstasy of union.  Just like when some Christians experience it and wave their arms and sing.  But only some of them actually experience it )others are just copying the rest of the (congregation).  It is experience of divine holy spirt – union with God – Akal Purakh is Holy Ghost Holy Spirit.  We call it naam.


H: What are Christians meditating on? 


B:  When I was going through depression a co-worker girl took me too Church.  I was in Catholic school until age 8 raised by nuns, so I was open minded about it.  She was divine.   Her hand used to shake all the time, that is signature that she is attached to the divine spirit.  She did hands on healing – beautiful few days.  She had no knowledge of Guru.  I had no knowledge at all! 


It was a beautiful 3 days.  Take everything at the time whether you understand it or not, whether you have Guru or not (no religious pride getting in the way). 


Once you have union don’t slack off.  You have to go through pain in life.  Accept it as reaping what you have sown yourself in the past.  Don’t complain, you have to accept all your pains, all your mistakes are your bad deeds of the past , even of your own childhood – pushing someone deliberately, torturing insects , lying etc.  You have to remember them, confess them and ask for forgiveness for every single one and keep doing it.  Make it a habit, then it becomes easy.  Do it in your mind.


God is already there in your mind, you have to learn to talk to HIM.  This is what SANTS teach you.  It is all in the scriptures but hidden, unless you listen very carefully everyday and work it out what you are supposed to be doing.


That’s why just listening to the scripture with eyes open is going to do nothing for you because you are keeping you own wisdom alive – not confessing it and asking for forgivenses


The tabla palyer and wife used to come to congregation got uplifted.  But their parents didn’t like it and put negativity in their mind.  They forget what they experienced in congregation and started slandering Baba ji and congregation.  Then they lost everything,  hit rock bottom, came back to congregation and confessed their misdeeds.  MATA topped them up with Amrit and they were intoxicated again.  But now a few months later they have slandered again, gone away and back into their "hell" like life. 


His father is on his deathbed.  When he dies the mother will lose all her authorty in the house to the daughter-in-law.  They will have a power struggle.


H: Why is Mata ji slapping the tabla player on his back?


B: ‘It’s not Mata ji slapping, it’s Akal Purakh giving his blessing.  She is full of amrit and is passing it on.  It’s the same thing Mata ji did for S yesterday.  She overflowed and passed it on to S.


S walks into the room :  I can feel the Amrit flowing and my head is going back in your presence Baba ji.
B:  The moment you listen to any the scripture, or see picture of Baba ji, Mata ji or Pritam Anand’s congregation amrit will start!


Pritam Anand: When he heard the scripture his asans started, even if he was in the company of drunks.


B: This (asans and flow of amrit) will start even when just listening to chimes, bhudhist or any music because they all have anhaad naad (unstruck melody – divine music).  In everybody is anhaad naad, in every music is anhaad naad.  You are going to listen to bhangra tapes and will go into asans – it has anhaad naad in it.


Anhaad naad is all the sound emitted from the universe going into one music heart – its living heart.  That’s why in the old pictures of saints they hold musical instruments.  All songs and gift of song, and story writing and telling, and the gift of reading is one of God attributes He gives to you.  Now you must use the gift for others not for yourself.  To help others.  The artist paints for others.  The singer sings for others.  They get rewarded when royalties coming back.  The Guru helps others and tithe comes back.


But tithe (daswand) is a balance on the scale of Truth.  The other royalty is Maya  only.  Tithe has naam in it.  That’s the difference.
H: "When Amrit and Light comes into the body, is it right to say they are the two forms of Akal Purakh (Immortal Being)?"


B: Light and Amrit are one.


Light is the ocean – “apay sagar…He Himself is the Ocean”.  Next stage is all HIM.  Light and Amrit and Sooraj (spiritual sun) are different stages.  Lesser the light the further you are away , the more the light the closer you are to God.


Pritam Anand: The presence will keep on increasing, the more you give your mind to the Satguru.  Divine law is same for everyone.  At amritvela the swans get the jewels.