MATA JI: This is a spiritual path – one step at a time, sometimes up ,sometimes down.  Everyone’s path and tests are different because family and people around them are different,  but you have to fight for Truth at every step along the way.


B: Many people came and said to me,  ‘Baba ji give us some divine wisdom too.’  I would reply,  ‘realise yourself and conquor yourself.’  When you do that, that’s called religion.  Everything else is garbage – “aap gavaaioo tha sahu paaio’…lose your sense of self and you will win the Lord.


MATA JI: The closer you get to Him you leave everything else. Our job is to join with with NAAM.  Some people said, “Now we got SATNAAM, now nothing should go wrong for us.”  They thought  we should now never lose our job or never have a car breakdown etc.  That is wrong thinking because that is still desires.  They are asking for sukh.  Now sun still comes up, darkness still falls, our cars still breakdown and jobs go.  We have to accept that is God’s Will and have to ACCEPT IT.