B: Break all the illusions of father mother and all that.  Say "Hey- Hold on! This is God’s inner command He is far geater than you Mum and Dad. Sorry I have to follow him. That’s where all my wishes in loving devotional worship all my goodness is going to come from.  He’s far greater than any relation."     That’s what you have to say.


"Hold on I respect you mum and dad, but He’s forcing me to make this decision so I HAVE TO DO IT."   Then you are BHAGAT.   NANAK says "forget it mum and dad, I know my Maker and what he wants me to do is what I am going to do."  And that is what you have to do And your father will appreciate it in the end that "I taught her well, that she stood up for her rights."


Otherwise when you get married where Dad wants (not what you want) you will fall on your face.  Then Dad will say "why didn’t YOU speak up and stand up for yourself at that time – you should have not listened to me."  Then he’s going to repent what he made you do.  Where he gets you married you fall on your face.  Then the pain starts and the whole deal goes on because it is all (worldy) manmat love.   And it is all a lie.  Its all hocus pocus.


I said to his Grandfather in India, "when I go abroad to Canada I may fall in love with someone, can I marry them?"  Grandfather said "Sure, you are old to enough to make your own decisions". 


You go through you own “karmic bhaag” (reaping what you have sown in the past) – so what do your parents have to do with it?  (they cant stop or change your destiny).  When the pain comes to you what have your parents go to do with it?  When the pain comes to you from employer what has it got do with parents? Nothing, its only got to do with you and employer what YOU sow is what YOU reap.  Good or bad days, verbal praise or verbal abuse each person you meet you have to balance with them.  Either something to give or something to learn.  And every person you meet is a separate experience.  And through experience our brain trebles otherwise mind doesn’t know where its going.