Chattar Das spoke to Baba Nanak, he had 20 camels loaded with books but was all ego, so the story goes that Guru Nanak got a dog to talk to him who told Chattar Das, “I was like you – full of ego of knowledge.”  


Ego is a man barking.


Forget even the name of your homeland and your ancestors.  Get rid of past and traditions, don’t be attached to any country or its name.  Give up ego and worldy wisdom.  Start seeing everything as ONE.
Seeing divisions causes hatred, but the scripture tells us to do good to the one we hate.  That means to make it One again, no difference between them and God.


See all countries as one, where you are is the best place to be, God is right here right now with you.  This is where God wants you to serve Him – on your doorstep, not back in your ancestor’s homeland.