Your surrender has to be complete to whoever gives you Naam, otherwise impurity (slander) will bounce back to you from the Truth.  You have to earn poverty of the heart by giving to others and be patient, it will all come back to you when you finish your loving devotional worship.  So what have you lost when you give your tithe?   Be patient while doing loving devotional worship.  You are giving your things back in return for the ONE NAME.   Dassan Das was unemployed, even then he borrowed to give his tithe that he had never given in his life, and got a job right away.  Its only fear that stops you giving.  By giving you are breaking the fear and breaking the neck of ego.   Like a farmer who plants half the seeds and eats the other half … sowing for the future.  Receive in one hand give from the other – don’t let it stick to you in between.


My son told me that he gave lots of money to the poor because he had the feeling inside to do that.   If you do your loving devotional worship 100% God will change your kids and parents for the better as well.  If people are stubborn, then Gurus also have to be tough to teach the hard heads.  If they don’t listen to the Guru, then they learn the hard way.  Those people are in depression, they are in the valley of death because they have sown that.  But even in that some great art comes.   Einstein used to be depressed – a lot of scientists are.  Some of the verses of the lovers of God in the scriptures may seem depressing, but they were in pain and pain is the remedy.  Then you search in the heart for Truth, otherwise nobody does.