B: Silence is the greatest prayer.  Silence is the greatest word, better than “satnaam”.  Where Satnaam stops, silence begins.  God has no name, that’s why silence is greater.  Satnaam is name of trikuti (breaking through the third eye) , of bandagi (loving devotion to get free from Maya ) only of coming and going , of busting the trikuti.  So it should have been written "ik oankar silence;  Satnaam the game begins".


Satnaam is the great scale of Truth against which our deeds are weighed.  The explanation is the sound vibration to train and retrain the mind.  The word is knowledge.  God is a bastard (has no father).  Even the word God is a sickness now to tell the truth.  It alone causes war and animosity.  The word silence is greater than Truth.  Only the one who has gone down this path will know it.  While the dummies will slander.


The fools will do prayers and eat religiously approved food.  Idiots will serve the meek.  Nobody knows the Truth.  Silence is the greatest meal, that a rare child eats and a priceless mother gives.  Everything other than that is a bucket of shit called the universe.  That’s the greatest wisdom.


See this divine wisdom never stops pouring into a heart that is open.  Into  a mind that doesn’t exist.  And silence is the King.  And all the knowledge in the world is as good as toilet paper.  All the knowledge in the world is not worth the price of the paper it is written on if not cultivated, if not practised. 


A religious book given to a recycler will only fetch a few dollars for the paper.  But if earnt it is priceless.  But you cant earn it unless its written on your forehead – upside down – and you got to make it the right way around.