The SatGuru is always with me when we remember the Sat naam. 
The one who surrenders their ego to the Satguru,
that servant is taken care of always and forever..  
Meditate on Sat.
Become Sat.  
Distribute Sat.
Selflessly serve Sat.   
You become absorbed in Truth when you fix Sat naam into your heart.
Sat Sat Sat Always Sat.


B: Feel good?
S: Tingling from head to toe.
B:: That’s the amrit flowing now.
S : I felt energy here (third eye chakra) then directed it to the heart and felt it all spread over.
B:: Yes your heart has a spiritual sun (sooraj) in it (Baba Ji blessed her earlier).  You know they show a picture of prophrets with a flame in their heart – that is exactly what you have been blessed with.  Its beautiful, its peace, its serene, its calmness, its beyond words.  (Baba Ji laughs in bliss, and thanks His Guru – God for laughing though him).  My SatGuru is always with me.


Pray from inside and ask “Mind is Yours, Body is Yours, You are the Lord and Master.  You are Divine Light, Divine Naam.”


In original Punjabi : "man bhee tera, tan bhee tera, rom rom bee tera, thoo sahib theh takur mera. thoo sada parbrahm, thoo prabh jyot prabhnaam. "