B: We did an article ‘God is not a book’.  The presently living enlightened soul  (pargatio jyot) is greater than all written words – no matter how sacred.  The Guru of today is greater than all religions of the past.  The Guru of today is the one who has earned the naam, and skins all religions alive – that is his job.  Because religion becomes stale overtime.  That’s why new sects are made in every religion.


He creates one flower, and makes another slightly evolved out of the same one he created.  Divine law will break everything it has constructed, if it doesn’t then it is not divine.  Its job is always to make anew.  So if a Guru modifies and breaks a religon then he is supposed to.   Like one company excels another company’s product.  Companies keep moving with the time, but religions always brag about past glories – past Gurus and don’t keep up with the present time. 


Maya  companies take you forward but religion is taking people back by bragging about past glories.  It should be that religion (God driven people) take you further ahead than even Maya  (greed driven people).


Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is not here.  One desire goes, another one pops up for tomorrow.  So what do you do to get out of it?  This pendulum stops swinging between yesterday and tomorrow only when you forget yesterday, and drop desires (for tomorrow)  … SIMPLE – MY LAW!   (Baba Ji laughs).   THAT IS CALLED SAT (TRUTH).  The one who has earned it owns that LAW.  He who has tasted SAT knows how good it is – others don’t.  If you have anger, animosity and hatred for others in you, then you have not tasted the true amrit within your mind.


Take the entire religious uniform of  all relgions,  all their symbols and prayer books and set them on fire – GOD wont come to stop it.   In the paper some group offered $25000 to anyone who could show a miracle.  I will give $50000 to anyone who can show miracle out of any sciiptures – if it really is the living guru show me a miracle!  It cant do it because a miracle has to be earned by body living person.


If the written scriptures had the power to make you perfect then how come religious places are full of falseness?  If any scriptures had any power, then in the centuries since their creation the whole universe would be cooled down – Universal Peace.   Yet, after centuries and centuries not even a 1km radius around the religious centres of the world have been cooled.  We haven’t even cooled down people in the religious places of Amritsar, Mecca, Jerusalem and so on.


After hundreds of years of listening to the Scriptures the followers even fight each other inside the religious places.  A paper book is not God!


H: When some Christians came to visit the Gurdwara, the President told them that the Guru Granth Sahib was our living Guru, the same as Jesus is for them.  But when some of them said its just a book he felt offended.


B: Even if it was living, then Sikhs are not obeying it anyway because you have not conquored the 5 thieves.  It might be living in their imagination in the past, but in the present in your deeds its not living.  Either you are asleep or your Guru is asleep.


The Guru I know – GOD – is very much awake.  He never sleeps, and is beyond alphabet and paper.  That Guru is Gur Prasadi (God is the highest Guru and you only begin to realise what GURU really is when He gives His grace to you).  You try to imagine that Guru, He increases in size.  You try to weigh Him and the scale breaks.  You try to see Him but you will be blinded if heart is not behind it.  If the heart is behind it then you can be deaf mute and He will talk to you.


That’s the Guru I know.  That’s the Guru I attach whoever comes to me to.  And the Guru I have, his dress is the scriptures.  His clothes are the scriptures, but it is not HIM.  Because He never comes or goes.  He is never born.  He is neither man or women.  He is never born.   He is Prabh-Jyot (God Light) Prabh-Naam (God Name).  Everything on this Earth now and in the past including all the religions are actually His dirt.  They are not Him.  He is too pure to be measured, EVER.


Nobody has measured Him correctly yet.  Bring all the Mohammeds, Nanaks, Krishnas and even I can’t measure Him.  Because that divine law fools everything.  And that divine law itself is ParBrahm.  He even fools himself sitting in a lover of God.  He fools himself by demolishing past and forming new religion.  Nobody knows this puzzle.  He is a Bastard (God has no father).  I am a bastard and my mother is a bastard – what am I?




Parbrahm – The Supreme God –  devised such a game that only by His grace can he recognise Himself.  He is the lover of God, and lover of God says He is Bhagwan (God says to the saint, “I am you”  but the lover of God replies, “You are the Supreme Lord”).  There is only one word to recognise Himself : TRUTH  (SAT).


All other names are yardsticks shorter than Truth (Baba ji laughs).


They say there a 4 Ages (aeons – mllions of years).  God has not aged one second in all four of those Ages!