I speak as God makes me so.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji used to speak and had 52 poets writing it down – that’s hows the scriptures came about.  God the Witness/Spectator/Preserver is always talking in you.  While the two parts of ego (constructor and destructor inside you)  are always overriding it.  The Preserver is always saying "do right".  When you go to steal, the  Preserver is saying "don’t do it, you’ll get punished".  But a person doesn’t listen and overrides it saying, "No I need the money.”  But God the Preserver is trying to save you before you do wrong, but the fools don’t understand it.  They don’t want to understand themselves.  If they did try then they would understand God.


Realise your own inner self, then you will know God.


If someone teaches you about God in the context of yourself  i.e. how to conquor your own mind, then you can solve God.  You cant solve God by looking outside of yourself  eg reading religious history books, gettting proud of your past prophets, Gurus, saints or gods and goddesses.


The congregation thought I was doing discourse about other people when I was pointing out negative aspects of the mind, so they ignored it, but actually I was doing discourse for the congregation sitting infront of me.


Even speaking sweetly is not Gurmukh, speaking Truth is Gurmukh.  Mellow talk is not Gurmukh, Truth talk is Gurmukh.  Gentleman talk is still Maya’s play – looking good on the outside.