B: Then He plays with you to test you and tells you not do something you want, or something doesn’t go right.  God is seeing how much the scripture (divine knowledge) do you know?  (Scripture says that spirituality is like the milk, and divine knowledge (gian) is the container to hold it together.  Lack of Gian means you will let the milk spill by failing the test eg getting angry, ungrateful etc).


Then DON’T COMPLAIN, then say ‘tera bhaana meeta laga’ (Your will is sweet Lord.)  Don’t complain no matter what, No No No. 


I never complained.  So much congregation used to come, but look what happened. No, no, no.
It’s better to enjoy the time you have got, no guarantees (of a long life), just fight the 5 thieves.  The only guarantee is that if you love everything as God while doing Satnaam and do actions in humility and without pride (bihkari and nimaana) and don’t leave what you are doing, until God wants you to leave.  I served at the religious place and never left of my own accord.  No, the committee told us (Baba Ji & Mata Ji) to leave.  Actually God told us through the committee, because no one can sit on the head of a lover of God – only God sits there.  Inside I felt it was time to go as well.  That’s how it works. 


MATA JI: If the committee hadn’t said to us to leave we still would be serving congregation as the will of God. (They had no desire to start a congregation at their own house and become like a Guru congregation, and seen as a threat to religious place.)


B: Only God sits in the lover of God nothing else.  That’s why the ones who are not truthful to the lover of God (Babaji) find that the amrit will explode inside them (they get burned by their own negativity).


I keep on refining the amrit and the congregation shrinks.  And I refine it again and congregation shrinks again.  Whoever cannot handle it leaves.  Now two weeks ago I gave a new refined amrit, a new meditation ‘ek ang sat sat sat’ from today.  But some in the congregation couldn’t accept that new refinement on top of everything else.  They don’t accept Guru’s command, and don’t break their own thinking.   How can they give commands to their Guru, when God brought them as a beggar to the Guru?  God is playing in Guru and disciple. 


MATA JI: We have to watch out for pride (hankar) – that is the worst. God forgives the other 4 thieves, eg family attachment (selfish attachment) is still close to love.  But pride is unforgivable. 


B: Expecting respect and a good name and “I am something”…haumai dheerag rog ha …ego is the chronic illness.  Everything is in the scripture.


I taught congregation the same thing in a simple way.  People said to me, “In the old days naam was given in a certain way.”   But time has changed now and I give it without formalities and ceremonies.  Whoever has tasted it knows it.  MATA ji was taken through all spritual stages in 7 years of loving devotional worship.  God wants to see how much belief you have. 


MATA JI: We were normal people going to religious place, doing selfless service and Satnaam meditation.  Then smadhis started happening, then we realised the True Lord wants something bigger from Baba ji.  That’s why God Himself taught all these things to Baba Ji. 
B: A man cannot do loving devotional worship.  It is God who does the loving devotional worship inside you.  “I” has to give this thing to HIM , then “I” disappears and HE comes in.  This is the game of trikuti – the joys of conquoring the mind.


The 330 million devtas (demi-gods) failed.  Conquoring the mind is the ultimate goal.


MATA JI:  we have given you examples in these talks to help you.  When you start loving devotional worship then all the exams will come.  Maya  of money will come.  Maya  of opposite sex will come.  Every blackness will come to you to test you. 


B: I caught it all in one hand.  In smadhi a naked muscular man came to tempt MATA.. She identified it as Maya  in the male form of lust called Kaam-dev and and kicked it out.