B:  The Grace of God & Guru  (GurPrasad) is greater than "kirtan" (singing Gods praises).  Even though singing praises "kirtan" is high (kirtan pardana).  (Meaning anyone can can sing and chant Gods praises and Name, but without Grace wont get them to God).


From God, first came the Light (JYOT ENERGY = GUR), then came the sound "I am God, I am SAT".


From Light/Jyot  sound emerged (this is confirmed if you read about String Theory and that the whole universe is comprised of particles that are just vibrations http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/space/deepspace/darkmatter/highlystrung.shtml ).


From sound the vibration started.


From the vibration the physical elements manifested.


From Hyrdogen came air, from air came water (and ultimately human body is comprised of these elements).


You have to know your own body and your own self  in order to do meditation, in order to understand where it came from – the light and sound.


A Guru does not need to know how do do kirtan or how to play instruments in order to give the Gurprasad-Graceful Naam and Light of God.  My congregation was just discourse for first 6-8 mths, and people would go right into smadhi (by just hearing Babaji’s amrit words).


Watch the video tapes of the congregation and you can actually see people’s face lighting up when they get impregnated with naam – with God’s light Energy.


A young lady came to me.  Her husband was sick and she had separated.  Her family was falling apart.  Baba ji bathed her in naam, told her what to do and everything would be OK.  When everything did become OK, she came back and I told her to look in the mirror she did and said "I am not the same person who came to you before – I have light of naam inside now, I couldn’t bear to look at myself before."


Her husband was in the mob that attacked our Babaji’s house and the husband’s family fell apart because of that.  Her father believed in a Pir (Muslim Guru), the Pir told him that another Guru called "Pir Qasam" will sort your problem out.


When he came to the congregation, I told the story of himself 4 lives ago when I was called "Pir Qasam".  Then the father realised his son-in-law had attacked me and that was why I (Pir Qasam) was the only one who could forgive it.


When their problems were fixed, they gave no thanks to me.  They gave no tithe (tenth of earnings to charity or guru or holy people), they surrendered nothing for the greatest gift of naam they had got and received inner peace from.


They went back to being stuck in Maya , they forgot God again and punishment comes right away.   The gift of Naam is like living under the bright sun.  Forgetting God and the Gift of Naam is suffering in the long dark night.   


Positive deeds are done under the sun, and negative deeds are done under the cover of darkness (forgetting of God) and are recorded by Chitr-Gupt. 


In your mind is positive and negative always fighting ‘shall I , – shant I, shall I – shant I? Mine – Yours’ good deeds are wiped out by bad deeds – most of your life is spent like that.  When you get out of the posiitve (I want to fulfill this desire for myself) and negative (I want to get someone back for that)  fighting in the mind, that way of thinking will burn out.


When you defeat positive (Brahma – creative energy eg having dreams and desires) and negative (Shiva – destructive energy) then contentment in Truth (sat Guruokh) comes (as opposed to contentment of worldy things), then you chose the right direction (make the right decisions).  Making the right desision is third part of the mind (Vishnu – preserver : aspect of God in you that is guiding giving you intuitive thoughts for your preservation). 


Together those three parts of the mind (shiva , brahm and vishnu) run your life in Maya .  But have to defeat them alll by opening the trikuti (third eye).  Then you get to primal Lord ‘aad ant ekay avtara, soiee guru samjio hamara’ .  Only God is your Guru – One God is above the three gods Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.


Beyond those three is Dhan Dhan ParBrahm Parmesar (Great Great Supreme Transcendent Lord).