H: What is a Gunvanti?


In spiritual terms, a Gunvanti is a wife of God.  She is the one who has all the virtues (gun) that are in the scripture.  She sees God in everyone, she is a wife that :


  • is compassionate to others


  • doesn’t put anyone down


  • helps others


  • balances the family


  • has no me and mine


  • doesn’t ask for service, she’s always in service


  • asks for no pleasure, gets pleasure by serving others.


By becoming a lover of God you are a wife of God.  You take on the virtues of God.  Each of these virtues is a like a bead.  Whoever brings each of these virtues into their life is stringing together a necklace.  Wearing this necklace of virtues, God the Husband accepts you as his virtuous wife – the Gunvanti.


The Gunvanti lives for others.   She (i.e soul is referred to as she, but physically can be male or female) serves the entire family and eats last.  Nanak says great is the one who serves congregation and eats what is left. 


A husband earns and feeds the family and says, "I fed them" – that is ego talking.  He should say "I did nothing" – that is Gunvanti.  Saying "I earned and I fed others” is ego.  So say "I am nothing, I did nothing, God is everything, God does everything." 


Gunvanti is the wife of God, or “sarasvati” or “Mata”.  All these  words describe attributes of God.