B:  The Guru has to be outspoken if he wants to teach the world.  Otherwise the world is in so much pitch blackness that the mother (God) and child (soul) are now deaf to each other.


The only way to cleanse yourself is to speak your heart out and live your heart out.  Hide nothing in your mind.  That’s why you do meditation for nothing to be left in your mind and nothing to be left hidden in your mind either.  That’s the only way it will calm down and enter silence.  The prayer of silence is the higher standard of living, it is the highest standard of believing.


Become the three monkeys within yourself : see no evil ;  speak no evil ; hear no evil.  Hide nothing in your mind, makes you clean.


If your Dad tells you straight what he thinks, then tell him straight what you think.  If he can accept then it’s a balanced thing.  Truth does not care about self glory or what others think.  If you care about that you are still stuck in duality and are not seeing God in all.   And what inflames duality?  What others think of me!


What is a lover of God?  He is fear free – worries about nothing , his job is only to please God
and God’s job is only to produce the lover of God and to colour him and he is not going to be hidden anywhere.