H: We were wondering what could we do to help the sick ones?


B: Do Satnaam meditation.  Put your hand on where the sickness is.  Hands on healing, little bit of your amrit will heal the child.  Healing with word and mouth, that heals the heart.  Talk uplifting thoughts to anyone who is in sickness.  Tell them not to think about their sickness,
think about God.  Get away from thinking about yourself and your sickness.  Because thinking about it ties it to your body and it doesn’t go.   So take the sickness out of your thought and it will go.


Bring God in, bring Truth in.  Bring His Light in.  Ask for Him to come into your life.
Ask for Him to come into the original heart that He is.  Ask for Him to guide you in thought.
Ask Him what He would want you to do.  Not you telling HIM what to do.