Pritam Anand:  One person had cancer in England, and SK a devotee in Canada called him over from England into hospital.  Then requested Baba Ji to help him.  Baba Ji went to the hospital everyday , gave him naam, did loving devotion ( loving devotional worship ) for him.  The guy said "I have got a lot of peace now."  He died in peace and Baba Ji gave him a place in  God’s court (dargah).


Even Baba ji had an eye operation, but next day got request to give naam to someone, drove for hours to get there and gave them naam


Baba ji is servant of naam regardless of what happens to him.  Baba Ji and me (Pritam Anand) went to someones house.  The two daughters had been married to religious “amrit-dharee” sikhs for 8yrs without any problems.  But all of a suddent both marriages fell apart, and both daughters were back at their parents house.


We went to see them, their husbands were part of the mob that attacked Baba ji’s house Jun 03,  and their family problems started after that.  Baba Ji gave them naam, told them to be lionesses and the husbands will come back begging for them.  That’s exactly what happened, and they went back to the husbands home with respect.


B:  I used to run a take away restaurant.  One canadian couple who used to come to eat, had a son who was severely disabled/retarded they thought he was very ill.  But I said their son was actually experiencing divine light and he was a great soul.  I  used to see God in everyone of my customers and would give free food to the poorer ones.  I sold the restaurant after four or five years into loving devotional worship.