B:  If you consider the Guru as ParBrahm, meaning think of God as your highest Guru, then there is no hatred.  (“aad ant ekay avtara, soi guru samjio hamara”… Understand that my Guru is the One who takes only One form from beginning to end … Guru Gobind Singh Ji).


If instead you wrongly take Guru Gobind Singh ji as your highest Guru, then he becomes your God, and causes Sikhs to hate others (narrow minded religious fanatics cant accept Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha or even the 15 lover of Gods as being same as Guru Nanak and the 10 Gurus.   Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh Ji is God for them and all other prophets and Guru’s are less than them.)  But, actually your Guru is SATNAAM, and physical body of Guru Gobind Singh ji was SATNAAM – GOD – manifested in the human heart.


“Shabad Guru” means Shabad is the Guru (Meaning SATNAAM is the GURU.  A Shabad refers to each Divine Word of God.  And the Source of all Divine Words, the very first Shabad was the Naam – SATNAAM.)  And Guru Gobind Singh ji says he is lower than God, (lower than SATNAAM)  “ma param purakh ka dasa’…I am a servant of God.


SAT (Truth, God the Highest Guru whose name is “Truth”) is the GURU of the GRANTH.


SAT is the GUR (God the Highest Guru). 


JYOT (God’s Light Energy) is the GUR (God the Highest Guru).    SAT is HIS first name.  The rest of the Guru scriptures  is the description of the loving devotional worship (physical) side about what happens on the Earth.


For example.  Think of a prism.  On one side pure white light enters it, on the other side rainbow colours are seen.   Now think of your third eye as the prism.  On the spiritual side you see God (the GUR, the Highest Guru) as Pure Light Energy – the JYOT.  That Jyot is attached to HIS first name – Truth , SAT.     Now on this side of the prism, on the physical body side of the third eye,  you have the diverse Creation that has sprung from God’s Light and Name.  When the one word SAT came through the prism (the Gurus and lover of Gods third-eye) it gave birth to the many divine words in Guru scriptures Sahib Ji.  And those physical  words written in Guru scriptures Sahib ji describe the spiritual source side of the prism.  And by putting them into practise you are doing loving devotional worship, when you go through the third eye back to the One Source, then you are a lover of God.   In Scripture, this third-eye prism is called the “Trikuti”.)  


Guru Gobind Singh Ji delivered the scriptures and the Khalsa and went out (did the job God sent him to do and left this world). He said “make no place for my memory, don’t pray to me, I am not God I am SAT RAM DAS (Servant of Eternal Truth : God), you can become like me.”


God is the GUR SHABAD (The Highest Guru called SATNAAM).  God is the GUR JYOT PARBRAHM (The Highest Guru in the form of Supreme Light).  God’s first name and only name is SATNAAM.  All of other  names are given by the lover of Gods (His lovers made new names to praise Him with).  There are 330 million of them (His lovers include the 330 Million demi-gods – great souls who loved God but gaining spiritual powers got ego and got themselves worshipped).  But they all deal in one name, one scale.  Understand trikuti (the third-eye prism).  Keep Truth (the word SAT, the name SATNAAM) in your trikuti and live your life in truth (live honestly, do true deeds). 


Got it now?  Who the True Guru is? 


That is where religion and Sikhism is mixed up.  This is very difficult for Sikh mainstream to accept because it is all driven around Guru Gobind Singh and the scriptures GURU concept – tribal grouping of society.


An arrogant person can not do compassion to others.  You can’t serve AKAL PURAKH in all his diversity of peoples all around the Earth if you don’t accept them in your religious places or feed them or heal them.  So all your religion is, is a grouping of society.  Every religion is a tribe.  It’s a higher tribe than the tribe of the villages, but still another tribe.  He who is in the tribe is imprisoned by the tribe.


I found this out when Akal Purakh (Immortal Being) gave me the wisdom that the SWAN (lover of God) makes the religion, the SWAN destroys the relgion, that this is play of SWANS (Scripture calls the lover of God a swan – “hans”).


There are two personalities on Earth.  Type A is the leader whether in Maya  (they create corporations and enjoy the cream) or religion.  In religion the Knowers Of God, the HANS (Swan), creates the religion.


The rest are followers TYPE B.


One HANS creates religion, another one comes and modifies it.  It’s the Law of nature,  “nit navin suhagan ..God cerates new SWAN Brides every day”.  God has to have it this way.
Evolution is evolving to excellence.  He creates new Gurus all the time to keep HIS name alive on Earth.


But then religion becomes illusion in ritualism.  And we start remembering the past overriding our present (start living in the past, thinking wouldn’t it be great to have lived at the Guru’s time, and nothing and no one in the present is as great as them or what they did).  How can we be happy?


If you live your present you can succeed over the past and tomorrow, but no one wants to do that.


A Maya  person is trained by upbringing through symbols, traditions and looking at past.  Half the people look back fondly on grandparents because they gave them sweets freely, but don’t like parents who denied them sweets.


The sweets became “degh” (sacred pudding) in the gurdwara- another grandparent, and there we keep remembering our past lover of Gods.  But you’re denying your existance today by denying living the heart by overruling it with symbolic, “izzat-maan” (my honour, my reputation) life carried on by your ancestors and passed onto you.


You are caught in it – the biggest illusion.  Trying to make your parents happy , you are crucifying your own heart.  Everytime God wants you to live, you are obstructed and overruled by parents, and parents are overruled by the religion.


But this wheel keeps on turning and everyone is coming and going in this pattern.  Very rarely a Guru will come out of the wheel.  Whoever comes out has to conquor the moment in the mind.  But if that Guru also goes back to the past he is hopeless.


If I  went back to the past I would have been stuck in the same garbage the religious ones are in.  How can a HANS (Swan saint) dwell with the BAGALAS (cranes – fake religious leaders) in the same religious places?


Read the scripture – no one sits on the head of the HANS, only TRUTH.  And religion is UNTRUTH.  That’s why the scripture says the one who earned the NAAM did the real religion.  The one who didn’t earn the naam might have got out of Maya , but is still in the web of dharam (religion) which is still 99% Maya  anyway.


If you win both miri (physical world) and piri (spiritual world) then you have done something.  If you don’t win it and didn’t control the 5 vices, then there is no naam profit.  You are a loser whether you wear religious uniform (bana) or not.  There is no profit if you diidn’t beat the 5 thieves, gained nothing.


See how hard it is to get people out of the trap of MA and MERI (ME and MINE)?


(Baba ji laughs!)


There is a magnet that attracts so many things, and the mind is such a magnet.  if you can break it, then all that there is, is yours.  I’d rather be a bastard than a religious priest.  Bastard outwins them.  BASTARD is miri-piri the master  (Note :Bastard means ‘one who has no father’ – God has no Father – people called Baba ji a “bastard” swearing at him.  He said that is fine because my God is a Bastard too!)


God laughs at Miri-Piri because (Sikh) people have made a mockery out of it.


 (Guru HarGobind Ji created the concept of Miri-Piri.  The first 5 Gurus where spiritual (PIRI) masters.  The the fifth Guru was martyred.  So the sixth Guru, Guru HarGobind Ji created an army and a seat of God’s authority the building opposite the Golden Temple known as Akal Takhat.  By doing that the Sikh saints became masters of the physical world too (MIRI).   But from those pure beginnings, what we have now in Sikhism is a pale shadow.  Spiritual Masters have been rejected, ridiculed and even killed in preference to worshipping a holy book like it is God Himself, and the Akal Takhat is run by religious leaders under the control of politicians.  Not under the control of God siiting inside the Spiritual Master- the Knowers Of God, who has no one above his head but Truth.)


He who laughs at miri-piri is the champion.  (Baba ji laughs!)


Somebody done good to you, but you become a conceited liar – the opposite to goodness.
The moment you forget goodness of God, that he made you meet Satguru, who taught true wisdom of verseguru and gave you the jyot of GUR- GURU.   The moment you get away from that you are trapped in your panj dhoot (5 thieves) again.


H: Baba ji please do kirpa on us that we keep our forehead forever on your feet.


B: Naam japo (Recite the Naam). Help others to do naam, and fight falsehood in the name of Mitr Piaraaa (Beloved God).