B: What honour do you have?  If you are in Maya  and in illusion your honour is illusionary and your name, colour, caste and religion is illusion.  That’s why the saints challenge you to break your house of illusions, delusions and confusions.


Only the Guru who breaks all that knows the Truth.  Only the Guru who has conquored the mind will tell you discourse of Parbrahm (God) and not what the religion or the tradition or the politicans want them to say.  And those who have not conquored the mind, only look like a religious person and have just memorised the scriptures.  Then they give relgious discourses to the congregation and at the end say ‘I am just an empty pot makes a lot of noise’.


What a lousy, lousy literate illiterate he is in the end! 


What does the congregation learn? Nothing.  Next day the preacher gives another discourse and the congregation flocks again to hear him!  And the one who does get it and has got it (i.e Baba ji) the congregation slanders.  It doesn’t matter how many moral ethics you have, when karma takes over then even the greatest have murdered, done mayhem and raped.  It is only karma that does it.