B:  For some people its like a coconut cracking.  For others its like an unzipping followed by bright light.   One lady in the congregation experienced the crown chakra opening.  That was a spiritual gift to her.  But after that she got ego of her advanced spirituality and lost it all.


God will give you spiritual gifts and you get ego of the gift.  But you have to let go of desires for even spiritual gifts so you may complete the journey of your soul.  The gift is not the end point.


If you keep asking for pleasure then remember that pleasure is the disease.  So the Universe will send back disease.  You get more disease and house becomes hell!


So in your mind kill off the family and desires and attachments.  Just say, “YOU and ME God, no one else.”


H:  Guru Arjun wrote,  “Your will is sweet Lord, Nanak asks for the gift of naam.”   Once I was saying that in my prayer and mum overheard me.  She was concerned and said that I shouldn’t do that prayer while living in family life.  Her thinking is that I shouldn’t detach from family because I have to pray for worldy things while bringing up my family.


B:  Don’t ask for even one thing.  Break your desire of attachment.  Treat everyone in your family like your Satguru then your house and family will be Realm Of Truth bliss.  Then it will  be the right time and place for God to come and meet you.


H:  When growing up mum inspired me.  That saved me from joing a group of hardcore narrow minded religious fanatics, who obviusly at that time I thought were the true followers, and everyone else was doing religion wrong.   But, they insisted that women should wear turbans, over top-knots tied over the Crown chakra.  Otherwise their Crown chakra wouldn’t open.  However, my mum like most women had never worn a turban and her Crown chakra was fully open.   So I knew that was a lie.   Those religious people also insited that only by keeping every hair on your body intact would you reach a state where you’d expereince God all over your body.  However, mum plucked the hair on her face and chin and her sprituality only increased.   I slowly realised that those religious people where trying to justify their keeping of uncut hair and wearing turbans as essential for spritual progress.  However, physical form has nothing to do with spiritual progression.   Baba Ji, the question I have is that even though mum is a very spiritual person, her journey is not complete.  She is not merged into God all the time at the highest level – the Guru state.


B:  You have to believe your Guru 100%.


H:  But mum says her Guru is the scriptures and she believes them 100%.  However as I said earlier,  she’s not listening to ‘Your will is sweet Lord, I just ask for the gift of Naam’ as she is still asking for 101 other things.  But when I try to explain that to me she wont listen, she sees herself as my teacher, not me as hers!


B: Because unless you have experienced Truth how can you tell anyone else about Truth?  There is another way, until you become a Knower Of God, just do selfless service of the Knowers Of God and pass on their knowledge.


H: Mum is very spritual, but still gets depressed.


B:  I have endless compassion for the weak and depressed. 


H: One lady recently committed suicide in my home town.  One week before she told my wife that she had experienced intense internal energy up her spine and said in a horrified way, “I am finished.”


B:  Her Crown chakra had opened, but without a Guru you cant handle the power.  In each of the chakras you will see a colour  or a swirling like a storm.  Take the verse by Guru Arjun “I take the support of your LOTUS feet in my heart.”  It means there is a spritual lotus in your heart. 


When the Guru opens your chakras it’s a shortcut.  Your Guru takes some of spirituality and puts it into your spiritual account.   Rather than you struggling for decades building up your spirituality drop by drop.  Your Guru makes sure you can handle the power, helps you control it.