H: Once I went hunting in India (the only thing I shot was the video footage!  Others shot animals).


B: We shouldn’t kill for no reason.  But God has given you right to kill to eat if you are hungry.   Sometimes Knowers Of Gods, the enlightened souls, kill too, but only when God’s inner command comes to do so.  They fight for Truth.  They don’t kill for vengance.


Baba Nand Singh killed a snake, it wanted liberation.  If killing is for the betterment of others it is good.  Don’t kill for sport or pleasure.  The worst form of killing is slander. 


I used to hunt.  I have shot birds and eaten them and have suffered for it – so the karma has been balanced.   I have gambled, hunted and been a drunk, although I have never borrowed money.  I have been through every phase of life – it was written that way.  God wanted to show me hell, heaven and the Realm of Truth in this lifetime.  So when it is written He took me on the spiritual pilgrimage too.  Nothing operates without God’s inner command to us.