H: (Raag is a musical measure used in Indian classical music.  The Sikh Gurus and Indian saints composed their verses in 31 different Raags and were masters of various stringed instruments.  The Sikh scripture is categorised by Raag.  Traditionally, singing the sacred verses, a practise known as Kirtan, was done in Raag whilst the congregation meditated.  Raag holds a central place in meditation.  But why? The following is a summary of Babaji’s explanation to me.)


Baba Ji said that Raag unites the male and female energies in the spine.  String instruments activate the Crown chakra directly.  Baba Ji said he first experinced this when he went into smadhi he would feel his kundalini energy going up the spine, then he would hear bells.  Then in the spiritual realm he would be playing a string instrument.  To onlookers at the temple would see him in a trance state, intoxicated in love, dancing around in classical Indian kathak style, wearing a big smile on his face.  And they would notice he seemed to be playing an invisible instrument,.  They couldn’t hear it but he was intoxicated by the divine inner sound.   He said that if you look at some Buddhist drawings or statues, you will see those images are of a saint in spiritual posture that looks like they are holding an invisible instrument.  So those saints had expereinces the same thing.


Baba Ji said that we have seven major chakras that have spiritual lotus flower in each.  So when you start feeling tingling (the cosmic energy) when listening to kirtan,  focus your meditation on SatNaam on opening each chakra and the kundalini energy will rise up the spine.


Last night  Baba ji was sending energy to each of S’s chakras.  He was sitting on the opposite sofa.  While she was meditating on Satnaam and getting intoxicated, I noticed his outstretched arm with his finger pointing at S.   He pointed at each of her chakras in turn.  Afterwards she said that she felt tingling in each centre, but didn’t see bright colours.  But when she focused on the third eye chakra, she  could feel immense energy sending her head tilting back.  Then she focused on her throat and heart and the remaining chakras.  Simultaneously Baba ji was pointing his finger at each of her chakras, sending her more energy.


Baba Ji was opening her chakras – giving her a shortcut.  Baba Ji took some of His spirituality and put it into her spiritual account.   Rather than her struggling by herself for decades trying to open her chakras unsuccessfully. 


Then she felt the kundalini energy going up the spine upto the top of her head.  Baba Ji said to her afterwards that she now has to work on opening each chakra fully and keeping them open.   He also reminded us that once the chakras are open and we are blessed with a view of God within us we should not think we have finished the journey of our soul and are enlightened.    He said that its no good being able to see God within ourself, if we still cant see God in everyone else.  So we needed to practise seeing God in everyone.  There’s no point being blessed with God’s grace but then turning away from God.  We have to conquor our mind of the five thieves.


He also said that trying to concentrate on the chakras can confuse us.  We can get lost in techniques, get frustrated.  The means become an end.  He said that love is the most important factor.  Just keep asking for “Sanctuary of the Supreme – ParBrahm Sarnaee” before starting meditation.     Then just go around the chakras and do Satnaam meditation with love on each one, without expectations of seeing light or feeling energy rising.  That is God’s gift as to when it happens.