B to S : You are intoxicated!  Now you watch, everytime the the scripture goes on, you will goo  BOOM – GONE – ha ha. Stay in peace, forever in peace, always forever be beloved of God.   Keep reciting Satnaam – THATS IT – Thats all we need to do.  Under Maya  only Satnaam gives us this.  You had a union with the Divine now.    You can go anywhere and recite SATNAAM – boom and amrit will start. 
Your head is back, my head used to be like that for almost 3 months in mediation and then it will balance up and straighten.  All the meridaina waves have to open up inside.  The the brain opens , you might a noise inside your head.  Its your brain cells opening up. Dopnt panic just do Satnaam.  Just concentrate on only one things, one word Satnaam.  Nothing else at all. The whole universe will collapse at your feet just at this Name.  Just keep on doing it.  Be the lowest of the lowest.  Just imagine 8.4million lifeforms are greater than you, highert than that is Akal Purakh and you are at the bottom of 8.4million lifeforms , the servant of all servants.  If you can live like that and say satnaam all is yours.  Everything.  


Watch this.  He is healing you.  There is a problem within and He’s going to heal you.  That’s what its all about.  Now if you are diliginent morning and evening and all day long, it will get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.