Japji is a meaningless today because people repeat it but don’t become it.  Japji has lost its meaning to them.  Only the one who earnt it knows its real value.  The ones who merely read it, but don’t live by it are making a mockery of it.


H: I was told to just keep repeating it every day regardless of understanding. 


B:  But that is repetitive mockery, not living it not becoming it.  It is just a habit –  a sickness.  Reading like that makes you into a fool and egotistical.  If you earn the the scripture only then have you the right to say that I am the Guru’s pupil – the Sikh, otherwise the Guru says you are not my pupil yet.


It is better to read the Japji once and understand it and earn it so that it colours you.  Otherwise you are just a hypocrite doing it for show – impure!