B: A sanga members wife used to see the holocust replay all the time in her dreams and waking, was haunted by her past life.  I sat her for meditation for 5 minutes.  Took her from all that to the light in 5 minutes.  She said, “its the greatest light, I see very pure lotuses opening up, all is light.”  I said go take a shower.  The haunting stopped.  But then she slandered me and she sees it all again – all she sees is hell.  From here to God and back to hell is just a moment.  Both centres are in the body. 


The moment you you do good you will hear anhad naad (unstruck melody).  The moment you slander you will hear only hell, chains, hammers screams , screeches and uncoordinated music.   I don’t care where you (ungrateful slanderers) go now (to find peace), tie yourself in Harmandir Sahib and nothing will happen to stop the hell (only apologising to the Guru who you slandered, or finding a bigger Guru to undo the karmic damage will give them peace).


H: In a TV documentary about the holocaust, a couple of girls tried to escape from a Nazi camp.  They were hiding behind a wire fence and bushes waiting for their chance.  Then they saw a guard and his dog walking towards them.  They knew the dog would smell them.  They cried and prayed and the dog walked right by.


B:  when my house was ransacked (by a mob of 500 led by narrow minded religious fanatics religious leaders and religious place committee) the same thing happened.   They ransacked the house but couldn’t touch me.  They couldn’t find me (Baba Ji said he didn’t run away or hide, he just sat down , closed his eyes and God took him into deep smadhi.  The congregation could still see him, but Baba Ji said the attackers were blinded by their own anger.  God made his body invisible to them.  In deep meditation even the body merges into the light and becomes part of the invisible Lord who is All-pervading.  The attackers cant see God all around them and they couldn’t see His saint who the Lord merged within himself, into the ManSarovar.)  When they left I came out and laughed at it.  The congregation asked ‘why are you laughing?”.  I replied, ‘this is just an inn – it doesn’t effect me.’


They can take all the bricks , smash all the windows, whatever they have done will happen to their soul – that will be their punishment.  Who is their GURU?  Will they say NANAK? NANAK is not GURU now- he (the human body called Nanak)  is a "has been" Guru.  What was in Nanak (in his physical body) that made him Guru? SATNAAM! That is Guru. 


(Baba Ji talking to the attackers 🙂


HE (SATNAAM) came (in Baba ji’s body) and you are telling HIM (SATNAAM in Baba Ji’s body) what to do and what not to do?  What do you think your punishment will be?  You will never be able to do religion.  You will never be able to reach contentment.  All is punishment now.  Your entire existance on Earth in this life will be punishment.  You will live, you will have a job, you will have money and have offspring, but not contentment.  Joy of the spirit, heart and mind?  Never.   That will stay as hell.   You will go through everything, but not happy at anything.  Living dead, living torture – tormented by your own deeds through the mind.
Sushmana runs trikuti.  Sushmana is Satnaam. 


What judgement day?  Every action and thought is a judgement.  Think and act with understanding of divine law.  You will not make misdeeds and you will be successful and happy and have nothing to worry about.  Go against divine law and you better worry because thats all you are going to get.  Then worries will drain you.  Depression, nervous bvreakdown,
thyroid gland collapses.  These chakras start closing, you start withering away.  These centres (chakras – energy centres of the body) know what Hukam is.   The 5 thieves are sitting on top of it.  The moment you slander they stick out their chest.  Now you are walking, talking and doing everything in ego.  And the more you slander the more you are sinking
and there it burns out.


Now you are in for 20-30 years of punishment – shattered mind.  Now you can go to 10 doctors and wont find any peace.  Chew any pill – lithium or whatever, you will always be under the impression “I am living under something artificial”.  You’ll never be complete.
Only Truth makes you compete.


They wont get peace in their next life, nor a human life.  The more they go to doctors or nurses the more they slander those doctors and nurses and relatives and anyone who helps them.  They reach a point where they can end up being deformed.  How does that happen?
The thyroid gland changes you biochemically.  Between the thyroid and pituary gland your health stands.  The thyroid alone can deform your features any time it wants.   It attacks your memory.  It confuses you.  These are all punishments starting from trikuti.  So better do TRUTH.


You do TRUTH HE can heal you in one second.  HE can give you new thyroid, a new eyeball, anything can happen.  Eg Farid ji gave his eye to a prostitute – the price for the light for his guru’s fire to heat the water.   Guru and God is one, so God had to do a miracle for him – for the lover of God that was being in the making.  Farid ji gave his ALL, HE (God as Farid Ji’s Guru) gave his ALL to give his eye back.


Give your ALL to God and He’ll take care of it. 


Eyeball is nothing.


H: That’s what I was saying to Pritam Anand , he gave everything (his family) like Farid ji.


B: living in the Will of God everyday, every moment, every second is the loving devotional worship.  Miracles happened in our congregation.  Multani (Guru surinder singh / dassan das) and another guy’s eyes were OK in one spontaneous moment.  They had been wearing glasses for 20 year prior to that.


Christians have similar healing experiences.  You’ve tied knots in your pysche – open the knots – that’s all it is !!  How do you tie knots?  ME , MINE and BAD actions (lying stealing, cheating) are all knots.


We had the best of time on Earth in the congregation.  Good converstation, good divine wisdom(divine wisdom), simple enjoyable life, no worries.


H: It will come around again with Akal Purakh ji’s kirpa.


B: He is the writer.  He is the writ, the actor and the preacher.