When you judge others you are saying you are greater than the other one but until you complete your loving devotional worship and become Eternal – you have to leave you worldy wisdom at home and be a beggar until God makes you the same as Him.  So don’t slander anyone, especially the Guru who gave you Naam, otherwise you will lose everything.  Before a test comes God says "it is me inside you and it me outside you" so stop judging. 


One family drove all day to come to see me, but got upset that I had gone out just before they arrived.  I said, “Don’t you listen when I teach you that God’s will is sweet?”   Your inner command was to come to my house.  But, my inner command was to go elsewhere.  (God sends Baba Ji to do things immediately).  The congregation need to accept in humbleness what their Guru does or says, the moment you lift your head that is ego.  The congregation thinks by giving tithe (tenth of earnings and time) to the Guru that they own him and expect him to be there when they come.


Tithe doesn’t buy anything, it is payment for what you already got – the NAAM.  Pay with your mind, body and wealth … EVERYTHING and still you cant pay for the priceless NAAM.  If you took a Guru to gain more respect, then you are doing loving devotional worship all wrong.  You can’t buy God.


I gave naam in charity from my spiritual earnings to the congregation, and now they must give tithe in charity too.  The tithe you give to me now, I already gave you that money in past lives – ask this in your meditation.   Whoever slandered me after getting Naam is having losses.   I totally surrendered to God.  Now the congregation that comes to me have to totally surrender too, the way Lehna  surrendered to Guru Nanak. 


Even writing articles on spirituality is with the knowledge your Guru (Baba Ji) has given you, but now you take credit for yourself!  Once you slander, you piss on the grace God gave you.  So who is going to suffer?  Not God – He’s beyond suffereing.  Me? No – I have conquored the mind. People come or don’t come, it doesn’t bother me.


I can tell a person’s character in just one glance.  If he is conscious of his looks it is all ego.