B: You must change your way of thinking.  Ask only for Naam.  Have no fear of hell or hopes for heaven.  Say, “I will only do Truth and live Truth.”  Kill all desires and the Truth will come.  That is the FORM of God inside you – Truth and Supreme Light. 


H: That enlightened soul is called Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh.  He said that “Khalsa mera roop ha khaas.”  Meaning Khalsa is my special form.  


B::  It means the Light is God’s Form.  That Light of Truth is Khalsa.


H: Nowadays Sikhs interpret it as the Khalsa is the one who follows the Sikh religion to a high degree and live their life like a saint-soldier – a copy of Guru Gobind Singh’s external form.  They think that a copycat  Sikh like that is God’s special form.  It doesn’t mean that.    Khalsa refers to the the enlightened soul within whom God’s Light shines bright.  And that is God’s special form in this world. 


B:: God does not incarnate – doesn’t take birth or die.  God does not enter His physical creation.  The closest you get to God on Earth is the Khalsa, the Light of God manifested inside a Truthful heart.  And that can be anyone regardless of gender, colour, nationality , religion and any other grouping.  


H: Guru Gobind Singh confirmed it further “pooran jyot jagay ghat meh, tab khalas, tahi nikhaalas janay.”  Meaning that the one in whom has manifested the perfect Light of God is known as Khalsa, no one else is Khalsa.    All the prohets, saints, Gurus who God manifested within on this Earth, were God’s special form, where all Khalsa.   Guru Gobind Singh also says “Khalsa mera satguru poora.”  Meaning the Khalsa is my perfect SatGuru.


B:: Sikhs wearing 5Ks and uniform and considering themselves Khalsa is not God’s Form.  God has no form.  When its God’s will he will give you the Khalsa Light form. 


H:  Nowadays, Sikhs preach that the Khalsa is the one wearing their five religious symbols and uniform of Guru Gobind Singh’s time, as well as following religious rules.  Each religion has an upper class, who are revered by the masses.  So you are saying Baba Ji, they are deluding themselves if they think that they represent God’s form.  God has no form.  When it is God’s will, God will Light us inside and that Light of God shining through a human heart is what Guru Gobind Singh called Khalsa.  That is Guru Gobind Singh’s special form – not the externals.   God, Guru and Khalsa are all spiritually merged like Ocean, wave and drop.  Also once one becomes lit inside then they can wear whatever they need to on the outside.   And in the case of Guru Gobind Singh and his first five disciples – the five Khalsas, they wore warrior uniforms as they lived in battle times.  But their followers have managed to adhere to the externals, but lost the inner Light.   So the word Khalsa nowadays decribes an unenlightened shell decorated in relgious regalia.