Pritam Anand Ji: I dont get up at amrtivela now.  If I come home from work at 3.30 am then if I start having a bath and say I need to do my morning prayers, then it would be difficult.  I only want to sit in His grace.  Keep doing Truth that’s all.


MATA JI:  Life is very hard to do amritvela because we are working late into the night (or with young children).  So its better to do your Satnaam meditation when you can.


B:  But make sure you do do it.  Dont start staying "I’ll do it tomorrow".  If He tells you to do it now, do it now.  Nobody has seen tomorrow.  The only one who has seen tomorrow is the one who seen the moment today.  Some say "Who has seen tomorrow."   But by the end of saying that sentence they have seen tomorrow!   They started speaking in one moment, they finished speaking in a future moment.  Baba Ji laughs.   That one has no divine understanding.  He thinks tomorrow is after the sun rises.  All there is the moment, make this moment Truthful.