H: My cousin can go into lucid dreaming, I cant.


B:  Sitting here with open eyes I can take it from him.  I don’t have to close my eyes (closing eyes is to stop seeing Maya , but Babaji sees God EVERYWHERE now).  I am Nirgun-Sargun (Baba ji is in permanent smadhi – his soul has become one with God).  Under God’s command you can open your eyes (Baba ji did seven years of loving devotional worship at gurdwara with eyes closed in smadhi – intoxicated on Divine Love, but that stage is over) and don’t need smadhi anymore.   Your walking around is your smadhi.  I am always in Truth.  The purpose of smadhi is to become Truth.  When you become Truth, you become utmost humbleness then there is no need for any kind of worship to God.  I am one with Truth and all I see everyhwere and in everyone is myself (i.e sees God everywhere, but his souls has become merged with the Supreme Soul, so is same as saying I see Myself everywhere – he’s not being egotistical.)


God says, “see ME in everyone.” 


I don’t exist.  Wherever I look I just see “YOU – ONLY YOU” God.  So I don’t pray.  Praying is for the ME praying to YOU GOD.  Look in any temple and even in God’s court, you will say “God is praying to Baba Ji.”  Scripture says that God Himself worships His lover.