B: People moan and say to me with guilt "I have done so many sins."  I ask them "What have you done wrong?"  They reply, "I used to play with myself"   (masturbation).  To which I said,  "That was normal.  Who taught you that play? HE did.  Did you ask for it?  No.  So it just an illusion that it was wrong and has become a burden for you."


Someone said it was wrong.  There was nothing wrong.  Who was teaching you?  HE was teaching you.  He has a bio-chemical rhythm with psycholgical growth – it is by nature .  It is all part of nature.  Your parents didn’t teach you that.  He did!


So who’s going to teach you loving devotional worship?  HE is – if you let him.  That’s why you must get rid of your own wisdom.