H:  In my dream I saw a green and luscious, peaceful place in nature, up in the mountains where I had strong sense that you Baba ji had done loving devotional worship.


B: That was was one of my past’s lives in Kashmir.  I used to be known as Pir Qassim.  He was of  the Mia Mir line (Sufi saint who laid the foundation stone for the Golden Temple). 


A lot of loving devitonal worship has been done in the mountains and hills.  Why? Because, hills contain maximum spritual energy.   Which is increased by the past Guru’s who meditated their, so making it easier for the new devotees when they follow in their footsteps.   The  concentration of energy rises up.  The prism shape is the symbol of light and space.  Trikuti is the triangle where the third eye is.  It is the joining of three spiritual channels in the body – sushmana, ida and pingala that rise up from the base of the spine.  Trikuti is a prism.   The three parts of Maya  on this physical side of that prism.  Beyond Maya , i.e Supreme Being’s Light,  is on other side.


The pyramids of Egypt concentrate the natural energy at the peak.   The natural pyramid of the body is when you go into smadhi.  Sitting cross legged, straight back, hands on knees – the body looks like a pyramid with energy rising up to top of head, Crown chakra and third eye.


When the body sleeps, the energy goes high.  There is a trikuti in your forehead.  You have pyramids in your spine.  Each spinal column is a pyramid.   The spine is a natural pyramid.  All good temples and ancient saints used to go to mountains for that reason, because energy rises up.   They made temples so that the point where you bow is where the spritual energy is maximum and the scripture is placed there.   People go to those places and feel God is there. 


God is energy,  Supreme Light Supreme Energy.  Now in the 21st century people realise that God is energy.  Past people took the easy option and said the picture of past Guru’s was God.  The real Chandi-dee-var (the war song of the Goddess Chandi written by Guru Gobind Singh) is when the life force goes up through your spine as a kundalini expereince.


To tell the story of the spine, the kundalini expereince, the artists of old painted mountains and said the lovers of God did meditation in mountains.  Actually that picture of the saint in the mountains is telling you to sit in smadhi. 
Myth and mytholgy confuses you!